FanGirl Squee

24 Mar

I have a standard page on this blog, FanGirl Moments of Squee- People I have met that is updated whenever I meet someone new. I will not post a separate announcement that it has been updated unless there is a special meeting that I desperately need to share. Pretty much this is because I can go months without meeting someone and then boom, meet a fascinating soul in the parking lot. So… be sure to keep an eye on that page.

I should probably explain what FanGirl Squee is… it’s that moment of excitement when something (loosely defined as anything) awesome happens in some way connected to your fandom of choice. This could be that you caught sight of a new poster for an upcoming movie, or the latest issue of your favorite comic is out, or you just happened to pass Nathan Fillion in line at your local coffee house (that last has never happened to me, though I was once in line at Starbucks behind Sean Maher. And last week, I was in line at the Virgin America ticket counter behind Susan Sarandon). Whatever it is that makes you incapable of holding in that squeal of excitement… congratulations, you’ve just had a FanGirl Squee. I think I had my first when my best friend and I got to kiss Anthony Head.

What do you think?

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