Confessions of a boxed wine Diva

21 Mar

So… why the eff did I need to create another blog site? Well… my first one, Perpetually Learning, was meant to focus on my area of study, work and focus- ideally it was supposed to be psychology related. But over the last year plus I have noticed that a many posts are leaving that ideal posting and branching out into nerdiness. And that’s fine. Except that I’m also starting to notice that I am collecting a bevy of nerd fans… and they don’t really need to hear my comments on the failures of the latest sex offender law (fyi- that is my educational focus, but that is hopefully the last you will hear of it here). Additionally, I have made some posts or contributions to the Action Flick Chick site this year (I’ll make actual posts here relating/linking to those later). And when I link to them from PL, I feel like any one who comes to the site from AFC is getting a little something they didn’t want/need. So… I started considering the idea of changing what PL posts (but what about the archived posts?) or creating a new home for my geek side.

I also have In Darkness which is an amateur photo site I post to. Every picture there was taken by me. It’s also a little behind- I suck at updating it. I am very likely to link posts from here to there- start a post here with some of the pics that should be there- as it is a gallery site and some things work better there. For instance, AFC sent me to a premiere in January… I plan to post some of the photos on ID… eventually. But on this page I’ll link to the original post on AFC and then also to the post on ID. Confused? Me too. But it’ll all make sense in the end. Probably.

Where else can you find me online? Well… Obviously I have a twitter. It is public and you can feel free to follow me there. However, it does not strictly focus on nerdfun. I post whatever the moment is- food porn, whining, praise, silliness, anything that I feel like posting. So be aware. And yes, like most Americans, I am on Facebook. However, that account is locked and I only accept people I actually know or those that are somehow related to me (friend of a friend and we met at a party, fan of someone I know/follow, etc). That page documents me. Good days to bad. And because of this, I don’t let just anyone see. And some people that I have let in have been removed after they became scary– let’s say their are some people who are fans of things or people and they don’t seem to understand that line between reality and fiction. :\ Hated to remove them… as a psychologist they were fascinating and I wanted to help, but they were often too much for the way Facebook allows relationships (can’t do therapy on a social network… which is probably a good thing).

I think this post counts as an introduction, right? I want to give credit to my friends- Charity for coming up with NerdLush when I asked the universe and all my creative friends for a nerdtastic title (I didn’t say that it was for this blog), and to David for taking that title and coming up with the great subtitle- the boxed wine diva (which morphed into confessions of a…).

2 Responses to “Confessions of a boxed wine Diva”

  1. actionflickchick March 26, 2012 at 3:03 am #

    “So… why the eff did I need to create another blog site?”

    Blog like you want to blog!!


  2. actionflickchick March 26, 2012 at 3:04 am #

    “So… why the eff did I need to create another blog site?”

    Blog like you want to blog!


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