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Geek Into Shape – The D word.

6 Nov

The main thing I’ve heard over and over again throughout the years of my own personal battle has been the simple equation of:

Energy In = Energy Out (+ Body Stores)

So if you eat more food than you need, you’re gonna gain weight. Eat less, lose weight. Do more activity, lose weight, etc. What that simple phrase doesn’t tell you however is that energy expenditure means increase of appetite (well, it does for me—again EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT!) and emotional food triggers (for me: stress!) equals a damn hard time of keeping that simple equation throughout the day. Plus add an over abundance of pre-packed food designed to be extra delicious with added fat and sugar, convenient delivery or drive through food sources for the busy lifestyle, and the siren call of television, computer games, and the internet- it’s no wonder that a majority of us are fighting the bulge. Continue reading

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