SUMMERTIME VIEWING 2012, PART 2 — What Might Be Worth Your Time At The Movies This Summer

6 Jun

Stewart here…

This summer has already had some massive surprises (The Avengers trouncing almost every movie this May) and some big disappointments (cough Battleship cough Dark Shadows ahem), and even some last minute rescheduling (G.I. Joe: Retaliation being pushed back to March 2013!).  But there’s plenty of nerd-worthy material hitting theaters this summer that look promising:

Prometheus (June):  The early reviews of this Ridley Scott directed Alien-pseudo sequel are good, but not the second coming everyone hoped for.  However, the general impression is it’s a good enough film to pay attention to when it hits theaters.

Brave (June):  After the disappointing Cars 2, Pixar’s almost perfect track record of good movies took a hit, but maybe this story of a rebellious young princess will be another success for the animation giant.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (June):  The mash-up novel phenomenon becomes a movie from producer Tim Burton and director Timur Bekmambetov, which hopefully will be more along the lines of Timur’s Night Watch as opposed to his crap-tastic adaptation of Wanted (BTW, Wanted the book: infinitely better).  Speaking of mash-ups, Hollywood: my pitch for Teddy Roosevelt, Mummy Defiler is just waiting for you to buy up.  Get it while this trend is still profitable.

The Amazing Spider-Man (July):  I’m not so keen on a Spider-Man movie reboot (but not as much as I would be if Spider-Man 3 didn’t exist); on the other hand, what I see is worth checking out.

The Dark Knight Rises (July):  Let’s be honest, if this wasn’t in this list, I’d probably be burned at the stake by some overzealous Christopher Nolan fan, and frankly, I wouldn’t blame them.  This end to Nolan’s trilogy of Batman epics looks to be, um, epic-ier than the previous two.  And with the death metal band worthy voices of Batman and now Bane in the mix, certainly more gruff sounding than the last two.  Say it with me in the most hoarse voice you can: HOCKEY PADS!

The Bourne Legacy (August):  Jeremy Renner plays another badass in another franchise, as a member of Jason Bourne’s former government handlers, who’s now a hunted man.  This looks like it may take place in the same timeline of the previous film, and I’m sure to the relief of many who will sit in the front rows of the movie theater, will involve less shaky cam.

Total Recall (August):  I almost didn’t want to put this remake in this list, because, One: no Mars; and  Two: no weird mutants like Kuato.  How the hell do you do a Total Recall remake without a man growing another man out of his stomach?  Just keep an open mind, Stewart.  Just keep an open mind…

The Expendables 2 (August):  This might be the most transparent of all the movies on this list: tough guys kill people in all kinds of bad ways.  Its like the Grumpy Old Men of action movies, if of course, Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon killed people with knives and giant automatic shotguns.

But, what are the films you’re looking forward to this summer?  Any of them I didn’t list?  Any I mention doesn’t interest you?  Any summer movie you’ve seen that were good, or sucked?  Comment below… HOCKEY PADS!

2 Responses to “SUMMERTIME VIEWING 2012, PART 2 — What Might Be Worth Your Time At The Movies This Summer”

  1. Barbara Kus June 6, 2012 at 10:18 pm #

    Check with Elizabeth for the comment,

    • elizabeth ann June 6, 2012 at 11:29 pm #

      fine, she said, and i quote, “Well, I liked the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. But then I’m Nerdlush’s mother and can say stuff like that.”

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