NerdLush asks… well not really…

8 Jun

More like, NerdLush got asked. Our friend, Natasha- who you might remember from the author interview last month– asked “@NerdLushDiva I want to hear all about Jellyfish Vs Betta Fish. Write it from the point of view of Bishop Tutu (still love that name!)” via twitter. And since I’m drawing a blank for topics today- I’ll answer.

I love Jellyfish. Seriously. They are amazing creatures. And so beautiful. I took a ton of photos recently at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and they are slowly being posted to In Darkness. I love them so much that in late summer 2011 Jeri Ryan posted a link to a kickstarter campaign on her twitter that supported a desktop jellyfish tank. Blew my mind. I had no idea it was in possible to own your own jellyfish! So of course, I supported the campaign. And in mid-March, my tank arrived. I immediately got beyond thrilled and went around setting it up and preparing for my own jellyfish. But I’m gonna tell you… saltwater aquariums are a pain in the butt and unfortunately, I am not as good with them as I am freshwater. So… the short answer, Natasha, is that though amazingly awesome, I need to do more research and learn more about how to balance the water. The tank is not perfect and there’s no filter, so water changes are needed almost daily. Which is a little ridiculous. So… for the time being I’ve cleaned it out and switched it to just housing freshwater fishies- the beautiful Betta, Bishop Tutu, was moved to the kitchen recently to a tank on his own when it was decided that though amusing to watch him be aggressive with the two large fishies, him picking on the little cat fishies was unacceptable. And for the record- the name came to me because he looks like he’s wearing a tutu.

So… I’m going to call this a #fail for now… but eventually, I will get the water situation squared away and have my own jellyfish again!

What do you think?

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