I have to confess…

24 Mar

I have a confession. It isn’t going to be news if you follow us on Twitter but… I have an obsession with Tyler Hoechlin’s eyebrows.

They communicate. They express everything… I am desperate to learn their language and be one with the brows.

Shut up. I KNOW.

If I am completely honest, this obsession is not new. A couple years ago I was convinced by my young friend Mar to watch Teen Wolf. I enjoyed it… snappy dialogue, fun action, dynamic characters… it was right up my alley. And then, there he was… “Derek Hale”. At first it was the brooding mood. Yes, I am that girl that likes the tall, dark, moody, good looking bad boys (but only in my fiction)(in reality, give me funny nerdy teddy bear). Then there were the abs. Because, yes, I am not above objectifying the pretty boys- let’s call it pay back for getting hooting and hollered at since before I was 12.

And then… I noticed the eyebrows. Derek was talking to Stiles, or really Stiles was doing one of his soliloquys and Derek was tolerating his existence. But the eyebrows… the eyebrows were doing their own soliloquy. And I’m not gonna say what it was about but there’s a whole genre of FanFic called “Sterek”.

If you’ve been here a while, you know what this means… It means… I was in 100%. It means that I have scoured for all performances. (Though I did skip over the 7th Heaven eps because I am so not comfortable with that show now) But you know what happened? The role of CW’s “Superman/Clark Kent” went to Tyler. And he was flipping adorable. That first appearance on Supergirl had me giggling and swooning. Not gonna lie. Led to a few more appearances and now his own series (well, with Lois and the kids… but same thing, right?).

What I am really getting at now is that I tune in for the story- love those CW Arrow-verse shows!- and the character development, but the eyebrows suck me in to their version of the story. I think they know something… if not more about the “Morgan Edge” drama, at the very least they know which earth “Captain Luthor” hails from. But they won’t tell me.

This is not ok.

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