Seriously, I Love You But Half Your Movies Suck

30 Jun

So… I’m the kind of person who discovers an actor by catching them in something and then follows them through everything else they’ve done. When I used to work for Blockbuster 15 years ago, my video (eventually DVD) collection grew by leaps and bounds because I could order stuff I wanted for cheap. I used to own every Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise movie ever made. (I stopped even seeing Tom’s stuff when he went nuts a few years ago) Now I have my Hugh Jackman collection. Which is a great way to waste a weekend, by the way. MmmmHugh.

Before I dig into these movies/actors- please note that I love each and every one of the actors. They’ve done some great stuff! And either I’ve met them and they are good people or someone I love has and has informed me they are. So let it be known that I am not making digs on them… I am merely examining that they have not always done the best films/projects. But as my beloved John Barrowman says about the delightful and awful, Shark Attack 3,- he did it for the money. So I assume… they did as well. And that’s just fine. 🙂 (ps… John’s famous line… NSFW)

I have a couple of favorites- many I’ve mentioned a wee bit here before: Nicholas Brendon and James Marsters, notably- in my collection. I admit to owning a copy of most things my favorites have done- even though some of it sucks so bad. Honestly, some of the horrible things actually end up in regular rotation in the viewing here because we love the bad movies so much. I mean… have you actually watched Pinata? Nicholas, I love you- but this movie is in the top 5 for bad movie marathons. Every time. And James did Cool Money… which apparently couldn’t decide if it was the 1970’s or present day. They both have some good ones as well- I love Nick’s A Golden Christmas (shut it, I enjoy some Lifetime movies. They’re good for you) and James’ Moonshot was very interesting. As well some great appearances on TV- can we please get Nick as a regular on Criminal Minds??? And wtf, SyFy? How did you greenlight the horrid Alphas but not James’ Three Inches?

But I digress… these two are not the only ones subjected to this- have you seen some of the things Christian Kane has done? We’ll skip talking about Leverage because it is utterly fantastic and one of my favorite shows. Cannot wait til it’s back in a few weeks (hmmm… maybe we can chat with some Leverage peoples…). Did anyone watch Close to Home? I tried. But Christian was only ever in the opening and closing parts of the eps and the actress was awful. And then they killed him. WTF? That leads us to the movies- I enjoy Lovesong and Her Minor Thing, plus most of the major studio projects he’s appeared in. But did you see Hide? Please don’t. It makes less sense then an acid trip. You’d think that Christian being all dirty and tattooed and shooting up everyone would make it alright but… you’d be wrong.

I guess we’ll stay on a Whedon boys path… Have you seen some of the stuff Boreanaz did? Bones is definitely best fit for him. These Girls is worth seeing for 1 scene and I’m sure if you do a google search you can find a screen grab of it. The fourth installment of The Crow series- Wicked Prayer– was so bad… well… there was no way to save it. However, if you like indie rom-com’s, Mr. Fix-it is cute. Not great. But cute.

I know there are others in my collection of actors I follow… but I think I’ve rambled enough. I’d really like to hear some thoughts on some of the projects these lads have been a part of. Is my opinion on some of these projects wrong? Should I give them another try? This is by no means a comprehensive list… just some highlights.

And I really do want to know- why aren’t there good scripts going to these guys? They are all good actors. They deserve (as do we, as their fans) some good material. *Le Sigh*

3 Responses to “Seriously, I Love You But Half Your Movies Suck”


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