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Highlights of 2013, a NerdLush year in review

13 Jan

Many thanks to Emily for starting the year off with a drunk year in review. Made me laugh. But I’m poking my head in now with a slightly more serious look back at 2013 and where it took NerdLush. As well as some of the favorites, as voted on by fans. Continue reading

Marian Call: Part 1 – The Interview

2 Nov

If you’re not aware of who Marian Call is, she’s a wonderfully talented singer/songwriter residing in Juneau, Alaska.  Her songs are about making a home in Alaska, Science Fiction and living life as a geek and last year she launched a Kickstarter campaign in an attempt to tour Europe, within 3 hours the target of $11,111 was met and by the end of the campaign a total of $63,301 was raised and Marian toured Europe, produced a Live in Europe album and recently released this epic video shot on location at the Space Expo in Noordwijk, Netherlands.

Continue reading

My Latest Obsession- part 1

20 Aug

My mother would say I am easily amused. I would add to that with the admission that I am easily obsessed. Since I wrote my post reviewing Almost Human for AFC, I have been consumed by a need to see all the things done by Karl Urban. All the things. Even the terribly horribly bad ones- of course, we know I love those bad movies, so I know this surprises no one.

Not gonna lie… Karl Urban is pretty damn awesome. Continue reading

San Diego Comic-con- I survived Con Crud!

2 Aug

This is probably the last significant post we’ll do about SDCC 2013, but I wanted to do a personal round up of my time there. Last year’s post still gets regular hits, so for some reason this sort of thing is of interest.

IMG_20130717_222621 Continue reading

You want to see some pictures??

27 Jul

Well, if you do, go to the facebook page and peep some of the pics from SDCC 2013.

And with that… my con crud and I are going back to bed.

PS… did you see the videos? Check the youtube playlist (I’ve included older SDCC videos of mine in the list too)

San Diego Comic-con 2013 random panel clips

24 Jul

We sat in Ballroom 20 all day on Friday in order to catch a few panels that we wanted to see. Yes, this means we got up ridiculously early and got in line well before the con opened. However, what I mean by that may not be what you think- we got to SDCC at 6:40am and joined the Ballroom 20 line at 7:15am, got let into the room at 9ish, with the con beginning at 9:30. Not that bad, actually. We know that there were some people in our line the day before. So we felt pretty good about being in the first half of the group that filled the room that morning.  Continue reading

San Diego Comic-con 2013- ARROW panel/ Q&A

24 Jul

At San Diego Comic-con 2012, one of things that I looked forward to was the preview and panel for the CW’s Arrow. We caught the pilot presentation twice and loved it both times- and as you know, the first season was my guilty pleasure show this past year. So, of course we had to catch the season 2 panel. They ran a short sizzle trailer and then we got to the fun… Pardon the shakiness of the video (my brother was the camera guy and I don’t think he is used to having to hold a camera steady that long). Continue reading

San Diego Comic-con 2013- Joss Whedon

23 Jul

One of my favorite panels is the Joss Q&A. If my brother and I make it to the con, this panel is high up on our list. It’s not the best video as my camera died right before and I had to switch and we sat in the back of ballroom 20, but… it is complete (minus 1 question in the middle) and is a lot of fun. If you’ve never had the opportunity to listen to Joss… enjoy! Continue reading

SDCC News Round-Up, Day 3

20 Jul

 Stewart here, and welcome to another post on news coming out of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.  We got a lot of ground to cover in this post, so let’s get to it… Continue reading

SDCC News Round-Up, Day 2

20 Jul

Stewart here, and welcome to another post on news coming out of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.  Let’s skip the pleasantries and get to the meat of it all, shall we? Continue reading

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