SDCC News Round-Up, Day 2

20 Jul

Stewart here, and welcome to another post on news coming out of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.  Let’s skip the pleasantries and get to the meat of it all, shall we?


The big thing shown Friday was the pilot for the upcoming Agents of SHIELD show from Marvel and ABC.  The good news is the reports from people who watched it (like our own Elizabeth Ann) were generally optimistic, which may mean I have a reason to watch something on ABC in the fall.  Not to get too spoilery, but there are a cameo or two from the Marvel and Whedonverses that should be quite tantalizing.

Agents of SHIELD may be worth your TV viewing time after all.

Agents of SHIELD may be worth your TV viewing time after all.

The other major TV panel was for The Walking Dead, where they premiered a trailer for the new season in October.  Suffice to say, there’s zombie death, things looking bleak, and at one point, someone beating a swarm of zombies off them with a hammer.  Plus, apparently there will be knife safety lessons to kids, so, that should go…well, badly, of course.  Also, there was a surprisingly packed room for BBC America’s surprisingly good Orphan Black, which has their new season coming next April, and for Hannibal, another mid-2014 returning show, who took the time to reveal the DVD and blu-ray will be coming out in September.

Oh, and that Simpsons/Futurama crossover episode you all wanted?  Ok, some of you wanted it.  For you, they are going to have that, which should appear next year too, along with the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode.


Another big Marvel drop on Friday was showing of the new Marvel short to be included with the release of Iron Man 3 on DVD/blu-ray in September.  This one is on Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) from the Captain America movie, and from audience reaction, its one I’ll definitely want to watch.  In other Marvel related news, there was also a panel for Amazing Spider-Man 2, which spilled some more dirt on that film’s villain, Electro (Jaime Foxx), among others.  I wasn’t ga-ga over the first one, but here’s hoping the sequel improves on that.

Spider-Man, now with 20% larger eyes!

Spider-Man, now with 20% larger eyes!

Then, there was the movie panels for genre films like the upcoming Riddick, the eventually will come out reboot of Robocop, and next month’s Kick-Ass 2.  Nothing really on the DC front of movies, but expect some news on Saturday on that end, with the Legendary Pictures panel.


The big thing is the Eisner awards were held for the best comics of the year.  Saga, which I covered here a while back, got wins for writer Brian K. Vaughan, for new series, and continuing series.  In fact, the only major victory for the big two of Marvel and DC was with Marvel’s Hawkeye getting two awards for cover art and penciller David Aja (and the penciller award was a tie, BTW, with Chris Samnee of Marvel’s Daredevil).

One of the best books Marvel has right now, Hawkeye, or as the cool kids call it, Hawkguy.

One of the best books Marvel has right now, Hawkeye, or as the cool kids call it, Hawkguy.

On the Marvel end Friday, there was the announcement of a follow-up sequel to the popular and best-selling Wolverine: Origin, along with some teases regarding the Ultimate universe of titles, which excluding Ultimate Spider-Man, I could care less about.


And that’s it for Friday’s big news, and Saturday already looks to have some big news worth writing about.  So, until then, stay classy, San Diego!

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