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San Diego Comic-con 2013 random panel clips

24 Jul

We sat in Ballroom 20 all day on Friday in order to catch a few panels that we wanted to see. Yes, this means we got up ridiculously early and got in line well before the con opened. However, what I mean by that may not be what you think- we got to SDCC at 6:40am and joined the Ballroom 20 line at 7:15am, got let into the room at 9ish, with the con beginning at 9:30. Not that bad, actually. We know that there were some people in our line the day before. So we felt pretty good about being in the first half of the group that filled the room that morning.  Continue reading

San Diego Comic-con 2013- ARROW panel/ Q&A

24 Jul

At San Diego Comic-con 2012, one of things that I looked forward to was the preview and panel for the CW’s Arrow. We caught the pilot presentation twice and loved it both times- and as you know, the first season was my guilty pleasure show this past year. So, of course we had to catch the season 2 panel. They ran a short sizzle trailer and then we got to the fun… Pardon the shakiness of the video (my brother was the camera guy and I don’t think he is used to having to hold a camera steady that long). Continue reading

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