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Television Graveyard – Supplemental Plot, “Virtuality”

11 Jul


Stewart here, and I’m bringing you a show that got canned in its pilot phase, and only by contractual obligation, got aired on television once (and made its way onto DVD).  What makes it weird is the pedigree behind the pilot for the sci-fi Virtuality:  Ronald D. Moore and Michael Taylor, two of the architects behind the Battlestar Galactica remake (and also writers for the myriad of Star Trek shows starting with Next Generation), and a pilot directed by Peter Berg (at the time still recognized for his work on the Friday Night Lights movie and series, long before that Battleship movie).  It was an ambitious series probably to pitch for network TV, and the pilot certainly must’ve not been cheap, so what happened?  Let’s take a look at what the pilot has for evidence. Continue reading

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