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Don’t Let The Heat Kill Your Nerdery!

5 Jul

I spent this week visiting my family in Central California… I am an idiot. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family- but it’s been blazing hot there! It was 109 almost every day I was home. Soooooo very very hot!

All I could stand to do was watch TV, float in the pool, and run errands early in the day. When I left LA it was supposed to be 90. Which is hot for LA. But when I got home, I appreciated the coolness of that temp! So much more livable!

So while I ponder what things are still fun in the summer heat, first I want to put it out to you- what things do you, my fellow nerds, find to do in the summers? Any places you love to go to beat the heat? Any particular things you do?

I think that I usually hang out at home with DVDs, maybe on the cooler days take a roadtrip with a friend, and I know that I love going to the movies on hot summer days. I’ll be back with a list after I hear back from you.

What about you?

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