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Community is what we make of it

28 Sep

We’ve talked a few times about friendships and community that come along with fandom and connecting with others. Personally, I think it’s a very important thing- being able to connect with others who enjoy the same things. For some people, those relationships can be some of the strongest in their lives (or even, the only meaningful relationships they have). Continue reading

I’m back with some Beat The Heat ideas!

9 Jul

Last week, I wanted to come up with some ideas for beating the heat and still enjoying some nerd fun. Now that I am no longer melting from being on the surface of the sun (read- the central valley), my brain can actually process ideas!

So here’s a few of the things I came up with- Continue reading

Don’t Let The Heat Kill Your Nerdery!

5 Jul

I spent this week visiting my family in Central California… I am an idiot. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family- but it’s been blazing hot there! It was 109 almost every day I was home. Soooooo very very hot!

All I could stand to do was watch TV, float in the pool, and run errands early in the day. When I left LA it was supposed to be 90. Which is hot for LA. But when I got home, I appreciated the coolness of that temp! So much more livable!

So while I ponder what things are still fun in the summer heat, first I want to put it out to you- what things do you, my fellow nerds, find to do in the summers? Any places you love to go to beat the heat? Any particular things you do?

I think that I usually hang out at home with DVDs, maybe on the cooler days take a roadtrip with a friend, and I know that I love going to the movies on hot summer days. I’ll be back with a list after I hear back from you.

What about you?

Man of Steel aka The Building Murderer

29 Jun

I along with everyone else went to see the new Superman film Man of Steel with either low expectations or severe trepidation after the complete crapfest that was Superman Returns. Critically MoS hasn’t done well, but most reviews from cinema goers are quite positive and if you’ve not seen it yet then a) stop reading this because SPOILERS and b) go watch the film.
Continue reading

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