I’m back with some Beat The Heat ideas!

9 Jul

Last week, I wanted to come up with some ideas for beating the heat and still enjoying some nerd fun. Now that I am no longer melting from being on the surface of the sun (read- the central valley), my brain can actually process ideas!

So here’s a few of the things I came up with-

  • homemade ice cream.
    • Yes, this is on the list because I made some ice cream today. I think Ice Cream is a wonderful treat in the summer- but getting to make it yourself… well, that’s just plain awesome! If you think your favorite flavor isn’t doable from home, take a gander online… I bet you can find a recipe! I did!
vanilla, with reese's peanut butter cups and swirls of chocolate peanut butter spread (because apparently, I don't have peanut butter)

vanilla, with reese’s peanut butter cups and swirls of chocolate peanut butter spread (because apparently, I don’t have peanut butter)


  • local random visitor attractions.
    • I have a site bookmarked full of attractions within a 60 mile radius- must of which are happily within air conditioned buildings. There’s a death museum here in LA that I cannot wait to visit! Now, I know many of you aren’t in the LA area- but I bet that google has a gaggle of local attractions for you too!
  • simple crafts.
    • I like the idea of creating things for my home- saw something earlier today about recycling pallets as planters. So here’s the fun- the internet is full of fabulous crafts. I want to do them all! And you can plan some for different weather situations, so you don’t do something that’ll be too hot…
  • crazy science experiments.
    • When I was working with kids this year, I wanted to have activities to do with them. Never got the chance. But I bookmarked ones that I knew I would enjoy too. Can you say bubbles?
  • DVD marathons.
    • Alright, this is a year round thing for me but… come on, you can sit on the couch and watch your favorite show/movie/or something new! Just veg out… get your favorite snacks and a fan and just camp out. A brilliant way to spend a day.
  • drive-in movies!
    • This one is a little tougher than the rest because many of the drive-ins closed a decade or more ago. However, I happen to know that I can get to two locations in my area, in an hour or less. Which means that the probability is decent (not great, but decent) that you can too.


What do you think?

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