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If I Can Just Have 5 Minutes Of Your Time ~~ Girl Number 9

19 Feb

I’m back with another look at an older web series. This one is a wee bit different- it was essentially a film that was broken up into episodic pieces. Thus there is and will be no season 2 etc. But that doesn’t keep me from wanting to share.

Back in 2009 rumors and information hit the ‘net that Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwood) was going to be starring in a dark and twisted new web series. I was in love with it just from knowing that tiny bit. When Girl Number 9 began airing… it was almost too dark to watch alone. Utterly fantastic.

girl number 9

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This Didn’t Count: a review of the new web series WALK OF SHAME

15 Feb

The awkward morning after a one night stand can be one of the more uncomfortable experiences we experience during our crazy college and post college days. Most of us have at least one cringe worthy story, or at the very least can tell a story of a roommate or Frat brother who tried to sneak out of the bedroom of someone who’s name they can’t even remember.

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If I Can Just Have 5 Minutes Of Your Time ~~ PG Porn

26 Oct

I have been receiving links to plenty of great new web series, however, sometimes I want to share the old favorites that keep me intrigued by whats out there. So here’s a short post about one of those oldies… that just happens to be the brainchild of a favorite of this site, James GunnPG Porn.

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If I Can Just Have 5 Minutes Of Your Time~ Web Series reviews, issue 3, Husbands, The Series

4 Sep

One of the things I want to do with this web series review posts is point out a small series that you may or may not have heard of and give each it’s moment in the spotlight. Today, I want to touch on a series from the amazing talent of Jane Espenson and Brad Bell (probably better known as Cheeks). Continue reading

My Own Personal Hipsterhood

21 Aug

I just got back from the Hipsterhood Webseries launch BBQ in Silverlake and my world just got shattered…. I came in second place at the hipster contest.

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Heads up! Let me tell you about something NEW!

15 Aug

Loyal NerdLush readers know that we like to share new, old, and odd bits and bobs with our fans. Stewart regularly shares comics, I’ve been sharing favorite web series, and as a team we’ve been watching an old Sci-Fi show. But today I want to give you a headsup about a new project.

In just a few days- August 21st to be exact- a new web series premieres.

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If I Can Just Have 5 Minutes Of Your Time~ Web Series reviews, issue 2, Little Brass Bird

11 Aug

I’m back! And I have another web series to discuss! But first… can I be honest? I have absolutely no clue what this series is about. I remember watching the premiere ep when it first came out because a twitter friend, Elliott, is the narrator- and I remember that even then I had no clue.

I mean… I don’t think I’ve ever been chemically altered enough to understand this show. Ever.

That being said… let’s chat about Little Brass Bird. Continue reading

If I Can Just Have 5 Minutes Of Your Time~ Web Series reviews, issue 1, Vampire Mob

30 Jul

When I started this site back in March, one of the things I knew I wanted to do was showcase and review things like comics and web series. Well, Stewart accepted the challenge of looking at comics with his ongoing series, As Long As I Don’t Wear Tights Or Spandex, so now I want to get started with a look at web series (I want to also touch on web comics, but that’s another set of posts).

I’ve gotten involved over the last few years with a lot of people that either work on or are attached in some way to a lot of different web series, and thus they keep coming to my attention. Just recently we’ve showcased Tara Platt & Yuri Lowenthal due to my work with Action Flick Chick regarding their work, Shelf Life the Series. So… these things just keep coming at me!

But for the first series up on the block, I want to share one that is near and dear to me- in part because as a supporter of it, the ups & downs of this little show have sent me on an emotional rollercoaster. But also because the creator has become a friend and really, when doing these things you should pimp your buds first, right? Thought so.

(Just to be safe… there might be spoilers)

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Nerdplosion~ episode 4… I (sort of) Survived SDCC!

16 Jul

Just a quick post to let you know that yes, your hostess survived the annual nerd pilgrimage. I want to thank Stewart for stepping up and providing great news posts! I will be writing something ASAP to share the on-sight experience. And did you get a chance to read Emily’s addition?

I also want to mention that the interview I alluded to in the recent Random Questions post– talking with Tara & Yuri from Shelf Life, the series, went live on Action Flick Chick the other day. You can find part 1 here and part 2 here. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as we enjoyed doing it! It was a laugh riot- seriously. And definitely check out Shelf Life!

I’m exhausted from days on end of geekiness and crowds, so I’m going to take my brother back up north and then veg today as I get my thoughts in order. I’m afraid if I sit to write anything right now… it would end up pretty much gibberish!

San Diego COMIC-CON 2012 Round-Up Day 3

14 Jul

Stewart here…

The midway point of the San Diego Comic-Con is here and today managed to bring some surprises and some reveals worth noting.  So, let’s get to it, shall we?

First: MOVIES/COMICS! Continue reading

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