If I Can Just Have 5 Minutes Of Your Time~ Web Series reviews, issue 2, Little Brass Bird

11 Aug

I’m back! And I have another web series to discuss! But first… can I be honest? I have absolutely no clue what this series is about. I remember watching the premiere ep when it first came out because a twitter friend, Elliott, is the narrator- and I remember that even then I had no clue.

I mean… I don’t think I’ve ever been chemically altered enough to understand this show. Ever.

That being said… let’s chat about Little Brass Bird.

I’m not saying that you have to be high to get this show- let me make that clear. It might help. Maybe.

Little Brass Bird is the brain child of Robin Poppert. Originally, the characters were plush toys that became popular at fan events (sales/cons/etc). As they became more popular, the stories for each character became too much for the little story cards that accompany them- a new medium was needed in order to tell the tales. What makes this series truly unique is the organic nature of the episodes- its open to the creative minds outside the series to provide input. Local Chicago musicians and artists contribute to each episode.

Unlike the previous web series we discussed (Vampire Mob), Little Brass Bird has a much smaller cast. Of one. Elliott Bambrough provides the narration and any additional voices- which, to be honest was pretty much hilarious. Oh… and the creators cats possibly play themselves. I’m not too clear on that.

But I suppose, if I’m going to truly provide you with a review I need to stop pussyfooting around and jump right in, right? Well… in order to truly understand the series, you have to start with the teasers- not episode 1. If you skip the teasers and jump right to episode 1, you will start watching in the middle of the trouble revolving the appearance of Penwald. Which… just don’t. Start with the teaser. Trust me.

Actually, if I try to explain the series I’d give a lot away. So, I won’t. Seriously… just click the link and watch it. Just do it. Do you need me to come through the computer and do it for you? Click it and enjoy. 🙂

What do you think?

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