Heads up! Let me tell you about something NEW!

15 Aug

Loyal NerdLush readers know that we like to share new, old, and odd bits and bobs with our fans. Stewart regularly shares comics, I’ve been sharing favorite web series, and as a team we’ve been watching an old Sci-Fi show. But today I want to give you a headsup about a new project.

In just a few days- August 21st to be exact- a new web series premieres.

Yes yes, I know- when isn’t a new web series premiering? Seems like we get new ones every other day now. And that’s great! Goes back to that independent (generally) media creation that I’ve talked about before. But back to the topic at hand- this project is called Hipsterhood and much like the name implies, is about hipsters. Who live in Silverlake- the hipster capital of L.A. Have I caught your attention yet? No? Alright… how about this- the show is about a pair of hipsters who continue to meet/run into each other. Awwww, cute, right? Well… twist- they never get to say hello. So caught up in their own little hipsterist world… they can’t even actually meet. Just saying that much makes me want to yell about my computer! “Why can’t you say hello?!? Argh!”

Take a peak at the trailer

But they are caught in their internal babble and miss the chance- though it certainly seems like they want to say hi. I’ve seen the first two episodes and found myself laughing. And wanting to shake them. While that frustration may seem like a deterrent to checking out the show, I want to point out that the episodes are clever and instead of making me want to walk away… I’m sitting here wishing I had access to the next few episodes to see what happens next.

The series is the brainchild of Shilpi Roy- the writer/director/producer who has a background with Brave New Films and PlayboyTV. In Roy’s own words, “Hipsterhood came into being when one day, after living in Silver Lake for 4 years, I realized I had bought a pair of skinny jeans. I started to have an identity crisis – Am I now a hipster? Have I now become one of those people who hangs out at coffee shops all day and listens to extremely obscure music? Everyone makes fun of hipsters; are people going to make fun of me now, or are hipsters normal people like the rest of us? And Hipsterhood was born.

Though it appears as though multiple characters will make appearances in the series, the two main characters are played by  Elizabeth Ferraris and Kit Williamson. Both have backgrounds filled with a variety of performances on stage and screen.

So yeah… a cute and funny new web series is coming and you should check it out when it premieres on the 21st.

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