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San Diego Comic-con 2013 Countdown

15 Jul

Due to a last minute ticket, my brother and I are off to SDCC 2013 this week. I posted before about our previous adventures. Hopefully, we’ll have someone here at the site who can do daily wrap-ups (last year, Stewart did a great job. Think he’s up for it this year?).

I have no specific thing that we are going to see… though my brother is putting together a schedule. There are many friends there, though. We’ll definitely spend time in the big room and try to get into Ballroom 20 for some TV panels. And I have an idea for a few posts I’d like to put together. But… is there anything specific YOU’D like me get info on?

I will say that I’m super excited about no Twilight fans this year…

Garrus Vakarian is my Wingman — Why I Still Love Mass Effect, Part 2

28 Apr

Stewart here… and some spoilers follow in case you asked…

In this installment, I really want to start by taking the time to focus on the squadmates, and if you’re good about it, friends in the Mass Effect series.  In this case, just to keep things light, I’ll focus on your squadmates from the first game.  Everyone’s got their favorites they want with them on every mission, and I know I feel the same way.  Sure I’ll shift them around in necessity of missions, but there are the “go to” squadmates every player of Mass Effect has.  The only downside of the whole thing is the greedy part of me that wants to take more than two for my squad.

So, in no particular order, here are my thoughts on your team from the first Mass Effect (with some spoilers as to the whole trilogy): Continue reading

My Other Car Is The Normandy — Why I Still Love Mass Effect, Part 1

27 Mar

Stewart here…

Traveling through the galaxy, fighting bad guys, and interspecies lovemaking: what's not to love about Mass Effect?

Traveling through the galaxy, fighting bad guys, and interspecies lovemaking: what’s not to love about Mass Effect?

Look, I’ve made no bones about it to people, but I am just a sucker for big epic sci-fi with spaceships.  And often, that gets rewarded with some great stuff in that category.  Yeah, you got your Star Trek, Star Wars, and Battlestar Galactica (and occasionally your Stargate), but that has been a bit absent in TV as of late and slightly there in movies.  However, I managed to find a great fix of it recently while also rediscovering console gaming. Continue reading

San Diego COMIC-CON 2012 Round-Up Day 3

14 Jul

Stewart here…

The midway point of the San Diego Comic-Con is here and today managed to bring some surprises and some reveals worth noting.  So, let’s get to it, shall we?

First: MOVIES/COMICS! Continue reading

San Diego COMIC-CON 2012 Round-Up Day 2

13 Jul

Stewart here…

Well, its another day at the San Diego Comic-Con, and news is kind of slow here.  Nothing earth-shattering along the lines of The Sandman announcement yesterday has broken yet.  The majority of the day has been about your favorite TV shows returning this fall.  So let’s go with….

First: TV! Continue reading

On The Road Again… SDCC 2012 Here We Come!

10 Jul

This time tomorrow I will be on the freeway heading from LA to San Diego in the annual Nerd Pilgrimage. I missed San Diego Comic-Con last year so I am super excited to be attending this year. I usually attend, with my brother (see here and here for explanations as to why), on behalf of Evil Squirrel Comics in Chicago. I love ESC- it’s my home away from home. This year, however, James and I have a new boss and shall be working for my other home away from home- Action Flick Chick. In the last few weeks, it’s been fun getting an idea of who we may end up talking to for AFC. Certainly made our usual moseying around a little more difficult, but goodness knows- we are up to the challenge! Continue reading

The Casual Gamer’s Overly Delayed Videogame Review of Diablo 3!

6 Jul

Stay Awhile, and Listen!

Continue reading

Slicing & Dicing Zombies Is Best When Spending Romantic Time With A Decapitated Head

18 Jun

So… my copy of Lollipop Chainsaw arrived. And I am happily ignoring a quiz in my family violence class in order to rev my chainsaw and hack up some living dead. I haven’t had this much fun playing a game in years- a fact that probably says a lot about why I am not a gamer. I think the only thing that makes me sad is that it isn’t a 2-player game, as I think it’d be cool to hack some zombies with the rest of “Juliet’s” family. Of course, I’m pretty happy with the smart-ass comments from the decapitated head of her boyfriend- so I’m good. 

Though… I’m glad he’s just a head- if he had a stomach, I think “Nick” would be pretty nauseated since his head is chained to “Juliet’s” belt and she’s spinning around, kicking the shit out of the zombie horde. Be a little problematic if she had to stop every now and then so he could hurl. Continue reading

Get Ready To Lick That Lollipop

11 Jun

So, I may be missing the release party tonight (I have a fear of being trapped in enclosed spaces with gamer nerds by myself and no one seemed available to go at the last minute) but I cannot wait to get my copy of James Gunn’s Lollipop Chainsaw. You’ve seen the trailers, right? Cuz if you have, I know that you are like me and eagerly awaiting your chance to hack up some zombies with the decapitated smartass head of your boyfriend (who happens to be voiced by the delectable Michael Rosenbaum~ it’s probably a good thing I’m not going… I may be just tired enough to do the giddy schoolgirl thing in front of him). Continue reading

Femme Fatales Premiere Coverage… OMG! James Gunn!

23 May

You may recall that last week AFC ran my interview with several of the ladies from Cinemax’s Femme Fatales– as a capper to that interview I was asked to cover the season two premiere. The write-up for that is up on AFC. This would be my first on-site press gig as the interviewer (remember, for Spartacus, I took the photos) and would also be attending the screening and after-party… so I tracked down someone to be my assistant for this event- my friend Phil Xenidis (you might know him better as rock god, Phil X formerly of Powder, currently playing with his band The Drills and with so many other awesome artists). As I laughed with a mutual friend the other day- last year, he was playing with Bon Jovi, now he’s my bitch. Ha! But in all seriousness- I have to give Phil a lot of love for his help. He took some great photos for me and it was great to have a friend to hang out with. Continue reading

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