ARROW Season 7×20, “Confessions” recap

30 Apr

Welcome back, Arrowheads! Ollie let Emiko in on the fact that Dante, her mentor in the Ninth Circle, was the one who killed her mother, and she…took that well. “Well”, meaning she brutally kills Dante, but since she’s still running the Ninth Circle, I don’t think she’ll get many complaints from her minions there. But the Team still has to stop her, since she’s grabbed a deadly chemical for some future nefarious terrorist act. Also we should note something here since we don’t have a flash forwards this time: Roy seems to have a few “issues” from over the years, and it’s stuff Dinah knows about. Just something to keep in mind for later.

Scene of the Crime. The SCPD arrive at a train station to find two dead guards beaten to death, and a few suspects. Those suspects happen to be Team Arrow, and…Roy Harper? Yeah, he’s here minus Thea, but the question is why? And who killed those guards? Well, let’s sit down and let Dinah and Sgt. Bingsley ask our Team that…

Ollie: “Let’s bring in Roy Harper, because that should work out…unless he’s got some bizarre bloodlust problem we don’t know about, huh?”


Oliver/Felicity. Oliver gets interviewed first, and he lays out what happened. The Team has been tracking that missing Cygnus X-1 since it was stolen, and news of Dante’s corpse being found don’t exactly point to Emiko turning over a new leaf. The only device that could successfully deploy the chemical agent is located at Aerodyne Technologies, so Ollie and Diggle talk to the head of the company. He says the device is well secured and that they don’t need extra help from the Team, but the Team looks into it and discovers the boss there is taking some suspicious payments recently. Eventually all of that lead to finding Emiko planning to deploy the Cygnus X-1 at a train station in town. Ollie says he doesn’t know who killed the guards at the train station, but does have to admit he knew Emiko was working for the Ninth Circle and is his half-sister, which can only raise suspicion for Sgt. Bingsley.

Felicity comes in next, and fills in more of the story regarding Aerodyne. In order to get the drop on the Ninth Circle knowing the Team, they call in some help they may not know about: Roy Harper. He arrives to get updated on the news, especially the whole “Ollie has another sister” deal, and is given a task to sneak into Aerodyne and guard the device. But when he gets through the intense security, he arrives only to see the company’s boss just hand Emiko the device. She escapes with it, and things get worse. When Felicity is asked about what happened at the train station, she says Ollie went to one area, Rene and Diggle went to another, wither and Roy heading to the control room. But Roy has to leave to make sure Ninth Circle goons weren’t around to ha Felicity. And it’s here we see she can see those two guards wandering the station, BUT, she lies about it in the interview!

Roy/Diggle. Roy is brought in, and he confirms everything up to the train station encounter. But he adds that he encountered some Ninth Circle goons and fought them as much as he could before he was knocked unconscious. When he came to, the guards were already dead. Something about this doesn’t sound right, so Diggle is brought in next.

Diggle discusses what happened on his end, running into Emiko inside the station, dressed as the Green Arrow. Rene goes after her while Diggle keeps searching for the device. He finds Roy unconscious, only to hear two shots from far away. He runs over to find the dead guards, and Rene standing there…with a bloody pipe in his hand!

Roy: “Can’t wait to help the Team out…just hope that bloodlust problem I didn’t tell the Team about won’t flare up, right?”

Rene/Oliver 2. Rene is brought in to talk, and explains where he was during all of this. He went after Emiko and ran into her, then told her she could get out of the Ninth Circle if she wanted now. Except, she tells him she’s in charge of them, and wants to destroy the whole Queen family’s legacy. She gets away, and he hears those shots, but gets there earlier than Diggle does. And he finds…Ollie standing over the guards with the bloody pipe in his hand! Ollie drops it and walks away, and Rene picked it up, which explains why his prints were on the pipe in the first place.

Ollie is finally brought back to answer for what he lied about. He explains he found the device, dismantled it, and heard the shots too, only to find the dead guards there. He says that the only answer is one he didn’t want to admit: Emiko killed the guards. All the evidence points to that, even with missing security camera footage unaccounted for, and with that, the Team is let out of holding. But is it what really happened?

The Truth…Will Bury You. Everyone reunited at the Bunker to talk, and we discover the truth: everyone lied! The way it really went down was that the Team arrived…with Dinah there, she helped Ollie destroy the device, and everyone was where they said they were before the guards were killed. The thing that’s different is Roy was unconscious…and woke up immediately in a rage, attacking the goons, and then the guards! The Team arrives to pull Roy off the men, who he beat with a pipe, and discovers they are dead. They don’t know what to do about it at first, but Ollie immediately tells them they need to cover this up. He realizes if Roy is brought in, this could destroy all the work they did to rehabilitate the image of vigilantes over the last year. No one is happy about it, but they agree to it.

Ollie sits down to talk to Roy at the Bunker, and puts together the most obvious answer to why Roy raged out and killed those people: he ended up in a Lazarus Pit! During one of those missions to destroy the Lazarus Pits with Thea and Nyssa, Roy was mortally wounded in a fight, and Thea put him in a Lazarus Pit before they destroyed it. They believed all that bloodlust that comes from that Lazarus Pit exposure was wiped out of his system, but apparently that Mirakuru that was in his system from years earlier kept all that bloodlust cure from taking a complete hold. Way to bury the headline you might have a real problem there, Roy. Roy seems willing to go down for this, but Ollie is also willing to protect his friend more.

Then Felicity gets a hit on finding Emiko, inside some abandoned building (because, why not?), and the Team rolls out to investigate. They arrive to find no one there, and split up to search the place. Ollie runs into Emiko, who is separated from him by a large glass enclosure. She tells him she’s going to destroy his life the way hers was destroyed by his father, and then lays a few more bombshells on him. One: she knew about the Queen’s Gambit sabotage, and did nothing to stop it. Two: she’s the one who took the security camera footage from the train station and is having it anonymously delivered to the cops as she speaks. And three: she’s rigged the whole building to collapse on top of the Team! Well, she sets of the explosives and leaves as the building comes down on Ollie and friends!

I’m sure Ollie and company will be fine next week. Maybe not Ollie, because he’s the filling of a concrete sandwich there.

So yeah…two episodes to go this season, people.

–Comic book connections: Roy Harper has had one messy time, especially in the comics, where he was a drug addict, had a kid who was killed, lost an arm, and as of this writing, was murdered. So blood rage is a step up in some ways.

–I’m not exactly okay with being unable to see that big turn Roy makes offscreen involving dying and being resurrected like that, especially since it is at the root of what looks like what is going to really destroy Team Arrow’s reputation in Star City in the future. I get that is more because of schedules for other actors and time, but that would have been more interesting to see in a flashback. Maybe in the last season, but I doubt it.

–Also, not telling Thea about Emiko seems like not the best idea, Ollie.

–So, Felicity is the only Team member not in that building when it collapses, but something tells me she’s got a bigger problem next time if that video footage is now with the cops.

–Roy doing his parkour thing early on to get through that security system, even though maybe we didn’t need to see that in retrospect.

–Felicity has the munchies and is a bit catty in that interrogation, huh? I doubt the munchies were an act.

–Not many shows have the question, “When did you die?”, as a serious question, but not Arrow.

–“And Roy is incredible at Parkour.”

That’s it for now, so come back next week for the recap of “Living Proof”…

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