DC Recap Round-Up 2, Week 19: Attention Heroes, We Got A Blue Light Special!

3 May

Welcome back! We’re back with another round of recaps for Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, and it’s gonna be a straight shot of this until the end of the season. So let’s jump in…

“American Dreamer”

Since Supergirl is currently persona non grata in the world, it’s up to Dreamer to be the hero of National City in Supergirl’s absence. With curfews in effect and clampdowns on aliens at a high, Nia has a lot to take care of in protecting her fellow aliens and avoiding all the deputized Children of Liberty detaining them. In the meantime, James goes into a bit of a emotional tizzy, and thanks to looking into his memories, we find out it’s not just about that near-fatal wounding by Lex a few episodes back, but a childhood trauma involving his father’s funeral and being locked in a coffin by bullies. It’s pretty messed up, but he has an epiphany, which is good.

Kara suggests Nia do a live interview as Dreamer to help ease all these anti-alien tensions, and it’s pretty inspiring. But leave it to Ben Lockwood and his cronies to try to take this opportunity to capture the superhero, which gets squashed by our Super-Team. If being kept from capturing Dreamer and his son maybe starting to sympathize with the aliens wasn’t enough of a bad way for Lockwood to end his day, turns out his cold blooded splitting up of alien families comes straight to his door when one of those aliens murders Ben’s wife! Not much sympathy here, but this can only mean Ben is really gonna lose whatever marbles he has left now.

Kara’s descent into crazy person conspiracy boards begins…

–Did we need the needle drop of American Woman during that fight scene? I would argue not.

–J’onn himself, David Harewood, directed this episode, which explains why he doesn’t show up until the very end, finishing his pilgrimage back to Mars. Good thing J’onn is done because he’s really needed back on Earth.

–I could just repost Nia’s big monologue, but jeez, just watch it. Been a while since this series had a straight up inspirational speech to the people like that.

–Lena becomes useful to Kara’s investigation of Lex and his connection to AmerTek. Looks like we found a connection to the Red Daughter to look into next time.

–“We are the new day.”

–“We’ll have to continue this spat later.”

“Snow Pack”

The Snow family has a reunion full of tragedy this episode, as Caitlin’s dad steals a piece of technology from her mom’s labs, and then kidnaps his daughter and wife, all with the intention of turning them into evil ice people versions of themselves, just like him.Barry arrives to save Caitlin and her mom, while Caitlin is abel to reach out and pull her father out of the evil Icicle personality. That’s a short lived victory when that future Cicada shows up to steal Icicle’s stolen technology and Caitlin’s dad sacrifices himself to save his daughter. Why future Cicada would want this technology is uncertain, but it can’t be good.

Speaking of not good, Iris finds out about Barry’s impulsive decision to send Nora back to the future, and is none too happy she wasn’t consulted about what was done with their wayward daughter. So she heads to the future in a Time Sphere to find her, only to learn Thawne kinda accidentally (yeah, right) taught Nora how to tap into his negative speed force so she could go home without alerting Barry. Unfortunately, that involves tapping into her darker emotions, and her meeting with mom only gives her the right amount of fuel to use it. So Nora’s back in our time, but is she evil now? And seriously, do we really believe Thawne isn’t up to some grand scheme here?

Let this storyline go, let this storyline go-ooooooo…

–It seems Caitlin’s mom doesn’t have any of that ice person stuff in her…until it seems she does! So we got that to look forward to next season.

–Does Thawne really care for Nora, because I just don’t think so. Or if he does, it’s a means to an end.

–What could lady Cicada want with that piece of technology anyway?

–Sherloque almost takes off, but gets to stick around because he’s family. #family

–“I don’t even know if there’s a police code for kidnapping yourself.”

–“‘Barry I don’t think I can forgive you for this’. I think you missed a comma there.”

“The Eggplant, The Witch, and the Wardrobe”

Whatever happened to Ava Sharpe after that nasty spat with Sara a few weeks back, anyway? Well, we find out Neron happened, putting her mind into a purgatory which she cannot escape…and it looks like a freaking department store! So Sara heads into that purgatory for Ava, and through a series of challenges, both women confront the simmering issues of their relationship and maybe patch things up. Which is great news right now, because what else happens doesn’t bode well for our heroes.

The Legends capture Neron as he visits his believed captive Ava, and put him into one of those Time Bureau holding cells. But a demon like him only starts bringing out temptation and anger from everyone near him, and we think it affects Nora Darhk for the worst. Turns out it’s a ruse with Constantine to pull Neron out of Desmond’s body and send the demon back to Hell. Even with Ray’s accidental appearance during this critical operation, Desmond is freed of Neron’s grasp, so I guess we’re good, right? If so, then why is Ray now whistling like he’s Neron?

Megastor just has a store in Purgatory open to everyone. They are that evil.

–Mick, Charlie, and Mona help Zari compose a love tweet to send to Nate, in case you’re wondering where they are during all of this mess.

–Unfortunately for Zari, that text gets lost because Nate stops a wrecking ball that trashes his phone. That wrecking ball almost destroyed the construction site of Hank’s mythical theme park, so…yeah, in case you wondered what he was dealing with this episode.

–Nora is left comatose from this experience, and Desmond is none too happy with what Constantine did to him, so we all have a lot to work through before the end of the season.

–Of course Ava would see Gary in that Megastor purgatory. She has issues with him.

–“It’s erotic but vulnerable.” “I’m not saying ‘bulge’.”

–“My dad made a deal with a demon to make a theme park.”

NEXT TIME: Kara and Lena face a deadly trap that could expose Kara’s secret identity to Lena in Supergirl, Barry tries to pull Nora out of a new gang of Rogues in The Flash, and Ray discovers he’s got evil in him in Legends of Tomorrow!

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