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Guilty Pleasures- To Sin With TV

30 Apr

I’ve had a lot going on of late, so it’s been difficult to work my way through it all in order to write a post. Apologies. Thankfully, my favorite minion has been on the ball! But I’m pulling it together today in order to start new series of posts- Guilty Pleasures. Like the title says, these are things that I love and adore, but I feel a little guilty for enjoying it. I obviously have a lot of these- you already know of my love for the bad movie but here are some more.

Actually, to ease into it… I’m just going to talk about the TV series from this last season that I consider my guilty pleasures. Continue reading

An Apology for Not Discovering SHERLOCK Until Right Now

19 Dec

I like to believe I’m good at catching on to shows that are really good earlier than most people in general do.  I was a staunch supporter of shows like Battlestar Galactica, Sons of Anarchy, and Breaking Bad, for example, long before they entered the pop culture conversation.  But even saying that, I have to confess because of time and other constraints, I’m often late to the party in many shows.  I didn’t get into Supernatural until someone after its fifth season, Mad Men only sporadically interested me, and let’s not talk about my lack of interest in watching Smallville (even though I love Superman). Continue reading

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