ARROW Season 8×07, “Purgatory” recap

5 Dec

Welcome back, Arrowheads! We’ve been leading Oliver Queen and friends on these missions for The Monitor to fight the coming Crisis all season, and we have finally come to the last leg of this journey before we face the end…of Arrow. And all of this has brought Ollie and friends to the place where it all began for him: Lian Yu! So what will Ollie do, now that he has accepted he won’t survive Crisis? What is Ollie’s plan for breaking this news to his kids? And what is Lyla’s role in all of this?

Back To Purgatory. Ollie, Evil Laurel, Diggle, Mia, William, and Connor are on the beach at Lian Yu, catching up on what happened since they last chatted: Ollie was in an alternate reality learning to accept The Monitor, Lyla snatched up everyone else to bring them to Lian Yu, yadda yadda yadda. Speaking of, Lyla is there at the little beach camp, letting them know there’s a reason they all are here. All the materials Team Arrow has collected is either on or coming to the island, specifically because there are unusual power spikes on Lian Yu that will help power the device when it’s activated. It’s around this point Ollie lets his kids know that he won’t survive the Crisis event, and surprise, Mia does not take this news well. Lyla finally tells Diggle about her connection to The Monitor, and it all goes back to him saving her life after a horrible ambush in Afghanistan so many years ago. When The Monitor showed her the future she had with Diggle, she became convinced to help him fight the Crisis.

The Lian Yu Tourism Board would like to let you know the island is back to normal after being blown to hell a while back. Less land mines, but possibly more ghosts. Still, great low cost vacation spot. Contact your travel agent or have some smuggler drop you off there.

While Diggle processes this news, the last piece of the puzzle for this weapon, the stolen plutonium, is being flown in by Dinah, Roy, and Rene. Unfortunately for them, a surface to air missile comes out of nowhere and knocks their plane out of the sky. While the plane crashes in one place, the case of plutonium lands somewhere else. While the Diggle family go to the plane crash to find their friends, Ollie and Evil Laurel go to get the plutonium, and Ollie’s kids stay behind to assemble the weapon, and more in Mia’s case, grumble.

Plutonium Run. Ollie and Evil Laurel chat about how much they don’t like this place, and how Ollie is not dealing with Mia’s anger over her father basically leaving her again in the best way. Either way, they find the plutonium case, and find mercenaries, led by…Fyers? As in quite dead Fyers from season one? And also quite dead Wintergreen/Deathstroke from season one too? Before we can question this, Ollie and Evil Laurel send Fyers and friends back into the woods, but Ollie doesn’t want a threat like Fyers running around, especially alive again, so he goes off to find him while Evil Laurel heads back to the camp with the plutonium. While in pursuit, Ollie is caught off guard by…Yao Fei? The also quite dead Yao Fei warns Ollie that Fyers’ forces are interested in the weapon, and we figure that all the weird energy spikes from the island are resurrecting the dead.

The Diggle family are taking time to learn about each other during their hike through Lian Yu when they stumbled upon a banged up Dinah and Rene. Lyla takes the far worse injured Rene back to the camp, while everyone else looks for Roy. They find him, his right arm pinned under some plane debris. Evil Laurel stumbles in about this time to see what’s happening, and with Fyers’ men approaching while they can’t get Roy loose from the debris, our heroes are left with a nasty choice: amputate Roy’s arm! So, they do that, and luckily he’s not dead by the time they all get back to camp.

Ghosts. Ollie and Yao Fei find one of Fyers’ camps, and end up in a snare net trap, where they have some time to chat about things. Yao Fei guesses right that Ollie has been avoiding saying a real goodbye to his family and friends because he’s afraid to say what is probably a real goodbye to them. The duo finally gets loose because of Yao Fei and head back to the camp. At the camp, Diggle checks in on the one armed Roy and apologizes for what he had to do, but Roy is a lot more zen and “que sera, sera” about it. I chalk that up to the blood loss.

Anyway, there’s a bigger problem, being the camp is being surrounded by Fyers and his men, and the Team still hasn’t fully charged the weapon yet. Ollie arrives to marshal everyone to take on Fyers to give William time to finish the weapon, which when activated, should send all those undead back to the grave. Time to suit up…one more time.

Team Arrow: we got ghost team members now.

The Stand. While William, Lyla, and Roy stay in the camp to finish things, everyone else and ghost Yao Fei go out and fight Fyers and company. Once the weapon is done, we learn it needs a specific DNA code to turn it on, and it’s assumed Ollie is that person. Only problem is, it’s not: it’s Lyla’s. Diggle lets her know he understands what she has to do, and she touches the device. The ghosts vanish, and Lyla can only say “I have to go”, right before she walks into a portal. So yeah, it worked.

The Harbinger Of Things To Come. The next morning, we learn an ARGUS boat is coming to collect everyone and take them home. Before that happens, Ollie decides its time to say goodbye to his friends, like Dinah and Rene, then gives Diggle a request or two just in case: get Mia and William back to 2040, and make sure Felicity raises both of them in the present. Tall order, to be sure. Ollie’s goodbye to William is a loving and appreciate one, but it’s Mia who comes to see Ollie at the grave site of Yao Fei and Shado (surprised she didn’t get resurrected in this weird mess). He tells her that despite all the horror he faced in this place over the years, he wouldn’t be the Green Arrow or have her for a daughter if he didn’t end up here all those years ago. And now, she’s just happy to have her father around, if just for a while before all this Crisis stuff begins. Unfortunately for them, they just ran out of it.

The sky around them goes red, and a portal opens up, and Lyla walks through in a spiffy new costume. She says she isn’t Lyla anymore, but a “Harbinger of things to come”. Meaning, yes, “The Crisis has begun”!

“You’re wondering about the suit. Well, that’s a funny story…BUT Crisis is coming!”

–Series connections: a lot of callbacks to season one with Fyers, Yao Fei, and Wintergreen coming back, but also being reminded the multiple times Arrow has traveled back there, things went really bad (like, William’s mom being killed there kind of bad). Then there’s Lyla’s Monitor connection, which stretches all the way back to season one too.

–Comic book connections: Roy losing his arm is a callback to a rather controversial story arc in the 2000’s where he lost his arm in a bombing done by Prometheus (not our Prometheus, mind you), and lost his young daughter.

–So yeah, if you do watch all the DC shows on The CW, you’ve seen that end stinger scene a couple of times, as the most recent Harrison Wells (called Nash Wells) on The Flash activates that alien door and gets sucked into it. Suffice to say, we’ll see what happens to him when Crisis begins.

–We had a little hand wavy thing to explain away why Lian Yu wasn’t a scorched earth type place like it was the last time we were there. Mystical forces, something something.

–You have to wonder what will happen to the future now that our present day heroes know what it is, and several things have happened to change it (Roy losing an arm, Lyla vanishing). We got two episodes after Crisis to find out.

–Looks like we all won’t be getting Ollie doing exercises with the salmon ladder now. Sorry.

–“Don’t leave this place with more regret than the ones you buried here.”

–“I’m gonna hug you now.” “You better.”

–“Thank you for letting me be part of your story…even if it was for a little while.”

That’s it for now, but as to the Arrow recaps, the next Arrow episode covered will be part of the Crisis on Infinite Earths coverage here on NerdLush, specifically the second half of the crossover, which will be in January. Then, we’ll be back to the regular recaps of the final two episodes of Arrow afterwards. We’ll see you in 2020.

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