ARROW Season 5×11, “Second Chances” recap

2 Feb

Welcome back, Arrowheads!  The Team had a surprise last time when the dead Laurel Lance came to see them, only to be revealed as the evil Laurel from Earth-2, sprung on them by Prometheus.  This encounter makes Ollie determined to make good on his promise to find someone to take the Black Canary mantle.  In other developments, Diggle is still stuck in prison, and thanks to some quick thinking on DA Adrian’s part, isn’t shipped off to some clearly uncertain end.  But what we should get to is the flashbacks, because Ollie is saved by Talia al Ghul! 

The Demon’s (other) Daughter.  In our flashbacks, Ollie wakes up in a room with Talia, who seems to know a lot about him, and his connection to his first trainer back on Lian Yu, her student, Yao Fei.  She brushes off Ollie’s questions about how a woman half Fei’s age was his teacher as just great beauty secrets (we all know better though…), and suggests that all of Ollie’s exploits since he got off of Lian Yu have been just wasting time.  Before we can trash the last two seasons further, she offers to help him strike a serious blow against Kovar, and for that, he just needs to listen to her offer.  The blow part comes with hitting Kovar’s main supply man for drugs and human trafficking, Yurievich.  Ollie gets to see Talia do some Hood-esque killing and then he gets to Yurievich, hesitating for a minute before remembering what a scumbag this guy is, then beating him to death with a gun!  Not shooting with, BEATING WITH a gun!

Back at Talia’s place, she suggests that Ollie feels like a monster, which is why he hasn’t truly returned to the world.  So she offers a suggestion: let the monster part of him go not as Oliver Queen, but as someone else…something else.  Yep, the origin of The Hood, people!

“I shall become something else! I shall become…CAPTAIN BOW-MAN! Wait, um, how about STABMASTER OLLIE?”

Canary Cry for Justice.  In the present (technically two years after the flashback and three years ago in present time, but, wow that is a lot to keep note of), around three years ago during that particle accelerator accident at STAR Labs, we see a woman who looks like that tough girl with the sonic scream from the last episode, all tied up and beaten.  Another guy, who is revealed later to be a crime boss named Sonus, brings in another prisoner named Vin.  The imprisoned woman, who is later called Tina, is horrified by Vin being there, about to be shot dead by Sonus.  But then that pesky accelerator goes up, and as the wave hits, Sonus kills Vin, and suddenly Tina has a “canary cry”! Cut to now, Ollie is hearing potential candidates from the Team for the new Black Canary, and they all are great, but Ollie doesn’t see them filling the job.  Of course some of that might be because Ollie thinks none of them are better than Laurel, which okay, whatever, but Curtis points Ollie towards a mystery woman fighting crime who matches Tina.  Meantime, Ollie and Adrian get to prison to chat with Diggle about some developments in his case.  The State Department was investigating the general who framed Diggle before that was railroaded indefinitely, but since Adrian can’t get any of those case files in the limited time Diggle can remain in holding, Ollie later recruits Felicity to do it.  This little errand should get Felicity out of her murdered boyfriend funk for a while, as Ollie takes Rene and Curtis to the last known sighting of Tina: in Hub City.

Deep Cover.  Our trio of guys arrive at Hub City and find Tina stalking some bad guys, and makes her an offer to join them.  Well, she tells them she’s not interested (in more brash words than that), which leaves our guys trying to find out more about her.  They learn about Tina being an ex-cop who was deep undercover with Vin investigating Sonus, but she vanished after Vin was buried.  It doesn’t take too long to find her current haunts, a hotel room with a pretty elaborate flow chart of people like Sonus…and oh yeah, her torturing some dude in the room nearby!

This alarms Ollie and Rene, who barge in, including Tina, who ends up sonic scream killing the guy she’s interrogating (but luckily no one else, thanks to Rene carrying a sonic dampener).   Some thugs from Sonus arrive, and Rene holds them off while Ollie chases down the fleeing Tina.  Once he does, he appeals to the tragedy that happened to her, and she realizes Ollie doesn’t have that sonic dampener on him, so she escapes again.  The next day, the boys get a grub break and learn about Sonus becoming a big player in town after Tobias Church got killed (remember him?), and debate whether they should just leave and let Tina continue her violent path of revenge.  Ollie thinks differently, and instead wants to go after Sonus.

Oh man, the Adorkable Meter is going to critical here! Everyone leave the recap NOW!

Canary Hunt.  As it so happens, Tina finds Sonus’ hideout and is ready to end him, when…well, he has metahuman powers too, like using sound waves to warp people’s equilibrium!  Ollie and Rene arrive to get whammied by Sonus as well, who flees the scene.  Later, the Team and a unconscious Tina are met by Curtis, who is still stuck on fill-in Felicity duty while the real Felicity is busy trying to find that case file in the NSA database.  And for some reason, the file is missing, but eventually she gets contacted by some mystery hacker, who is offering help but in exchange for a meet in real life.  As for our guys, Tina is finally awake and knows Sonus is picking up some new narcotics later tonight, and yes, she’d rather go alone.  So, Ollie decides to reveal who he is (AGAIN?) and reminds her that she can’t face her metahuman nemesis on her own and survive.  After that obvious pitch, she FINALLY takes them up on their help.

Reverbs.  In Star City, Rory gets a job shadowing Felicity as she meets her secret contact in a park.  And the contact is another glasses wearing computer dork girl, who is clearly inspired by Felicity’s old hackitivist college exploits.  While, well lets call her by her username “Kojo”, Kojo is part of a big hackitivist collective inspired by her called Helix, she was responsible for hacking the NSA database and taking a lot of files like the ones involving the general, and she offers a copy to Felicity.  That seems innocent enough, a fangirl wanting to bring her idol into her same minded collective, and Felicity’s awe at what’s on that little USB card of government secrets is tempting.  But I don’t know…

At the same time back in Hub City, the Team and Tina attack Sonus and his goons in the middle of a drug deal.  After taking down all the baddies (and using the bad guys’ own helicopter to assist), Tina finally faces a weakened Sonus.  Ollie tells her she doesn’t have to kill the man to get justice, but nope, she settles for shooting Sonus dead anyway.  Did she just fail her Black Canary tryouts?

This episode of Arrow has been sponsored by the Five Stack Burger, because if you prefer death by beef and cheese, why go with a four stack and lessen your chances?

Free and Almost Clear.  The next day, Ollie and Adrian visit Diggle and give him some great news: because of “leaked files” regarding the general, Diggle gets to go home on bail.  Yay!  Now if they can only find Quentin and Thea, because they’ve been missing for a few episodes now.  Back at the mayor’s office, Ollie gets a visit from Tina, who is troubled by the lack of closure killing Sonus has brought.  Ollie understands this all too well, and suggests maybe fighting bad guys with the Team may help her find some purpose.

Oh, and her name isn’t really Tina, because its her undercover identity.  Her real name?  Dinah Drake.  So yeah, pretty sure no one runs into three women in their lives named “Dinah” in real life, but Oliver Queen has.  Well, at least now they got a woman on the Team after the last one went all angsty and betrayed them.

–Comic book connections: Dinah Drake was the original name of Black Canary when she was introduced in the comics.  She ended up with the last name of Lance only after marrying a detective with that last name, who subsequently died.

–Welcome to weird TV connections time!  Talia and Sonus while they don’t share any scenes, did frequently show up on the early 00’s sci-fi show Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda, and “Kojo Sledgehammer” you may recognize as the perpetually doomed Abigail Hobbs from Hannibal. 

–Ghost Fox Goddess.  Ah, college kids and their weird nethandles.

–Ollie’s incredulous looks at Rene’s diet of super big burgers are GIF worthy.

–Pretty sure we got a blink and you’ll miss it answer to who lured Diggle into that trap that got him arrested.  Yeah, Prometheus.

–Pretty sure blowing up a copter in mid air over a skyscraper is not the safest thing to do, Ollie.  Plus, its hard to argue to not kill someone after that clearly blew up the pilot.

–“Astronaut ninja?  You made that up.”


–“Five stack, baby.”

–“Plus, you are the mayor.  You can pardon me.”

And that’s all for now, so comment and discuss below, but come back next week for the recap of “Bratva”…

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