Dusting Off The Shelf: Letter E

1 Feb

And we’re back… I’m continuing the sports trend from D, but this time I went indie- Everybody Wants Some!!. This is billed as Richard Linklater’s  follow-up film to Dazed & Confused and Boyhood. Not a sequel mind you, these are different characters… but sort of a continuation of the maturation of a young man…


Synopsis: The last weekend before his freshmen year of college begins, finds Jake (Blake Jenner) moving into the team house for the baseball team. He learns that competition is a good thing. Drinks a lot, parties a lot, and begins to discover who he really is.


um… that’s not a bat!

Why I chose this film: To be honest… Tyler Hoechlin. I miss Derek on Teen Wolf and picked this one up to get my fix.

I am not a baseball fan, but that’s not a problem here because most of the film focuses on those parties, picking up chicks and getting laid, and games of one upmanship.

Will I watch it again: You know what? I will. It was a little slow storywise for the first hour. I mean, the guys on the team are getting to know each other. It’s amusing because they are all basically assholes, and practice a lot of “fuck withery” with the other guys… And I’m sorry, the excellent 80s pornstaches… and disturbed costumes… Yes. Yes. Yes.

I will say that the lead character- Jake- was not my favorite. And no, it wasn’t Hoechlin’s “McReynolds” either… Hoechlin wasn’t in enough of the scenes for him to be a favorite and Jake felt bland. I liked Glen Powell’s “Finnegan”. He was the most fully fleshed out character. Also, the character had the best pick up schemes!


Why you should watch it too (or run far away!): Did you like Dazed & Confused? Or do you remember the 80s and want to remember why it’s a good thing they are over? Over do you want to see Tyler Hoechlin rocking some bad 80s clothes? I mean… who doesn’t?!? Well then, this is a good one. Also, you get to watch “Rawdog” act out how awesome he is and think to yourself, “hey, I know a guy like that!”


I will mention… this is not a film for kids. Or your nana. Lots of F-bombs. I mean… LOTS. Like, I talk like a sailor, and this made me blush.

What do you think?

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