Deadpool is everything it should be and so much more

21 Feb

What else needs to be said past- Deadpool was awesome and you should go see it? Well, obviously, the fact it is a HARD R needs to be mentioned- but honestly, if you don’t know that by now, you must be living under a rock.

deadpool ass

This is NOT your typical comic book movie.

~~~ To be clear… SPOILERS AHEAD~~~

In the typical comic book movie, the superhero/hero characters established in the book come to life onscreen. Usually, the film is targeted at adolescents and family. There may some “adult” humor but it is limited. In the Thor films, Loki typically has some lines that are above a kids head. And there’s typically fighting- hero versus villain- but the violence is limited or done in such a way so as not to show anything overtly dramatic. The climactic fight scene in Avengers stands out- the heroes get hurt (beat up may be a better descriptor) but it is limited in how it is shown. In Deadpool, from the first scene, the gore was flying. Splatters of blood, brain, and bits & pieces flew in all directions. Not to mention the atomic wedgy. Good lord, that was horrifying. Then there is the sex- there are boobs. Multiple topless women are seen in the film. And full frontal on Ryan Reynolds. And the language. There were far less cuss words used than I expected, to be honest. But there are still a LOT of curse words.


Basically, no one under 18 should be allowed in.

And parents who bring their kids- well, they should be flogged.

Though, they might enjoy being flogged.

For the record- I counted 6 little kids at the showing I went to. None were sitting near me, but I did comment on the intelligence of their parents.


new-deadpool-romantic-movie-poster-ryan-reynoldsDeadpool is brilliant. The script was fun and well crafted. Ryan Reynolds was perfectly cast and the role gives him great opportunity to use his wonderful comedic timing and the action movie skills he has been honing. Morena Baccarin provides a great counterpoint to him. The two appear to have had great chemistry and I cannot wait to see their bloopers. Ed Skrein was an interesting foil. Though I thought he looked a bit like Nicholas Hoult and kept confusing myself wondering why “Beast” is a villain now.

I do wonder how the script/jokes will hold up over multiple viewings- I tend to rewatch my comic books movies all the time. Will the jokes be less fun on the 5th viewing? Maybe. But I anticipate that I’ll still be catching things I missed while laughing…


Marvel seems to have connected most of the cinematic universes with this film, as well. Obviously, there’s a pair of X-Men, as well as visits to Xavier’s school- thus connecting that franchise. Not to mention all the comments about a immortal guy with an adamantium skeleton. Then there’s the final battle which appears to take place on one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s downed hover carriers. Thus connecting this film to the Avengers universe. I feel like I’M missing another connective piece but honestly, isn’t this enough?

This is also an action movie disguised as a raunchy comedy which is actually a romance. (To be honest- most raunchy comedies are one trick ponies and I get tired of them quick)(that’s one way of knowing that the writers of Deadpool are worth their weight in gold- while they did go to extremes it was neither offensive or disgusting… well, to everyone I spoke to, at least) The action takes hold from the first shot throughout the film. And yes, there is plenty of plot and story development, even some that has a background of action. For instance, “Wade Wilson/Deadpool” first appears at the bar and immediately sends a cocktail to another patron- starting a fight that occurs in the background while Reynolds and T.J.Miller exchange banter/dialogue that impresses on the audience the nature of their relationship. Yes, much of the action is CGI enhanced- that’s the nature of films like this- but it is done seemlessly and does not take away from the visuals. Enhances it very well in fact. And yes, there’s gore- I mean Deadpool assassinates people- he shoots people in the head! (Remember this not a film for kids).

It’s fabulous.

Now this is an origin story. How did Wade go from studly assassin to masked avenger? The “merc with a mouth” shines as the film starts in the middle to flashback beautifully to his start and then return to the present day. You’ve seen it all in the ads- guy meets girl, guy gets deathly ill, guy leaves girl, guy has secret experimental treatment from a mad man, guy looks like two avocados fucked, guy gets mask and pursues mad man to fix him. And the audience hopes girl is smart enough to kick guys ass if she ever sees him again.


Hint- she is.

Anyways, I’m rambling now because I really want to see the movie again. Which means that if you haven’t seen it- you really should. It’s awesome.

What do you think?

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