Collecting Collectibles

23 Feb

Whether you realize it or not, everyone collects something that is important to them. As kids, we collect toys- had to have all the Star Wars toys when I was little, not to mention the “Cabbage Patch” and “Barbie” dolls I had- and sometimes that continues as adults. We may collect trading/sports cards. Or even something like stamps.

Whatever it is, it has meaning to us.

My house is a bit of a hodgepodge of collectibles. Some things have little or no value- my Funko Pops are open and on display… To anyone else, the collection is meaningless. To me, each Funko was chosen for a reason. Each one placed precisely for a reason. Other things have great wealth/value- the walls of my office are lined with still in the box action figures. I could also mention my collection of diamonds, but that’s not as nerdy fun.

My brother has his office filled to the ceiling with comic books. My mother collects Portmeiroin china.

The point is, everyone collects something.

The important part is understanding the why relating to the importance of the item(s). Things like… what would you grab in a fire? Would I grab the Funkos? No. I would grab the cats. And the two small boxes my mother gave me years ago. But knowing that doesn’t keep me from adding to my collections.

So find what you love, collect what you want, and have fun!

What do you think?

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