Crisis on Earth-X Impressions (and other random thoughts that are still nagging at me)

15 Jan

By now, hopefully, you have all read Stewart’s write-ups about the recent CW DCTV crossover extravaganza, Crisis on Earth-X. But I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it (trust me, it’s so much better to think about then some of the stuff I hear at work), and since the DCTV shows are about to come back from hiatus…

Basically I need to say this- that was some damn epic TV.

Let’s just assume, from this point on that spoilers will be contained within this post…

I will admit right off the bat, I have never read the related comics. Not that there was apparently a specific book that this block of episodes took their story from, but I am not up to date in anything DC. Which means, I haven’t truly read a comic in a while. But I have a comic loving brother (and Stewart. And Lee, when we remembers to play in the NerdLush playground) and I keep up with the basics pretty well.

But I do know my DCTV.

Both days, prior to settling in for the shows, I was pre-warned to avoid Twitter et al in order to avoid social media spoilers. And I am glad that I did. Obviously there were some things we knew were going to happen. I had hoped that Stein would be with us til at least the winter hiatus. And that he would leave on the good note of getting to go be grandpa. These shows have a history of killing off people so I really wanted him to get a different exit. What I got was a beautifully written, emotionally performed death that killed me. There were not enough tissues. Or chocolate. (And I wasn’t warned about the need for chocolate early enough to go and get some!) I’m still ready to let the damn burst with tears over the loss of Stein. And he went out as such a hero! Ugh.

There were other things that were a complete surprise. And I thank everyone involved for making it work out that way- these days it is hard to keep stuff quiet (especially since studios seem to think leaking more is better). For instance, Earth-X Prometheus being Tommy Merlyn! Holy shit, I think my squeal of OMG! And joy went sonic. Pretty sure only dogs could hear me. He so could’ve been a good guy at the core but Colin Donnell’s delivery on that one line… yeah, he was a black hearted sonovabitch and it was beautiful!

The less said about Evil Kara being married to Evil Oliver the better. However, it is important to note that while disgusting, it was wonderfully performed and in all of the interactions (Good & Evil) Stephen Amell’s Oliver had with Melissa Benoist’s Kara… there was a fizzle underneath. Comradery. Friendship. Evil. Hatred. Disgust. Love when an actor can bring so much to their character.

Little things that just really made me smile, squee, laugh, or screech in disgust-

  • Mick Rory is my spirit animal.
  • Callback to last season’s mini Flash/Supergirl crossover with Kara’s lovely song during the ceremony.
  • Lovely opening scenes as everyone on each different show gets ready for the wedding
  • The questions from everyone of when Oliver and Felicity would get married…
  • William Katt. I was in my happy place. But only for a minute because disintegration.
  • Wish there’d been a few comments to Iris and Barry at the rehearsal regarding when they’re going to have kids (even though it was sort of brought up at other times)
    • and um… who was that caterer girl at wedding? hmmm…
  • Wentworth Miller. I could stop there, but the Earth-X version of Leonard Snart/Captain Cold being soooo different from Earth 1 brought refreshment to an already fun character. I would like to see a “Council of Snarts”
  • Where was Earth-X Barry???
  • I wanted to know what Earth-X Papa Joe was up to…
  • Paul Blackthorne chewed the scenery deliciously as the commandant. Brought back the first season sneer, but with an added twist.

So now that I’ve finally gotten this off my chest, what were your thoughts? I’m finally ready to talk about Crisis… 😉

What do you think?

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