Justice League was… better than I thought.

8 Jan

This post may seem a little out of date, but I wanted to share my thoughts anyways…

I have seen a lot of comments the last month or so about Justice League being a failure. But I want to state otherwise. Sure, Warner Brothers and DC aren’t likely to have made their money back and may not make as much as they hoped by the time it leaves theaters but… here’s the thing- I have enjoyed only one DC film since Dark Knight Rises and that was Wonder Woman. Sure, I saw Man of SteelBatman versus Superman, and even Suicide Squad in the theater but they were crap movies and they pissed me off more than anything. Wonder Woman finally made me interested in DC films again and then the trailers for Justice League cemented that I was going to see this one in the theater (it was touch and go after Suicide Squad, honestly).

What Justice League did was make me excited for what comes next from DC. After the shit show that was the theatrical release of BvS, I was pretty much not going to see another DC (minus WW, since Gal Gadot is a blessing) movie in theaters, and certainly wasn’t going to pay (BvS was seen by giftcard… I had no guilt about that) for them. But then there were the trailers of Bruce looking for the rest of the team. I laughed. And I was supposed to be laughing- it wasn’t just so bad that it made me laugh. And the rumors of Affleck essentially sitting on Snyder to get him to stop and let someone who actually gets the characters/story/comics in general run the show. True or not, those rumors alone made me happy. And then finally, there was the announcement that Whedon was stepping in to finish the film so Snyder could deal with personal issues. I respected that move- probably the first thing Snyder’s done that I respect, if I’m being honest. And yeah, nothing could fix the film completely without scrapping everything and starting again but… As I understand it, there’s ton of film on the floor that was likely to have made it less cohesive than the release turned out to be. And I’m fine with that.

It wasn’t perfect, but it was watchable.

And that’s a hell of an improvement.

One of friends remarked, “DC just needs to hand the reigns of the films over to Patty Jenkins” and I am 100% behind that.

I walked out of the showing we saw and stated, “I’ll see this again”. Which is not something I had said about a DC movie in years (minus WW, but let’s just take that as a given and stop bringing it up, ok?) In fact, the only thing DC wise I have been excited about in a long time is my weekly dose of DCTV.

Don’t get me wrong- I like the idea of Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent, he just hasn’t had a Superman story yet; Ben Affleck was surprising as Batman/Bruce Wayne and provided some of the only watchable stuff in BvS; the casting of Jason Mamoa was spot on; but the other two were new to me and to be honest when pics started leaking, I wasn’t impressed (I still am not impressed with their suits but I liked the characters). I’ve been burned by DC for so long now, excitement was hard to come by, but I remember after that first true taste came out… texting my brother with intrigued curiosity.

One thing that was HORRENDOUS (yes, it needs to be all caps) and whoever made this decision is an idiot, was CGing Cavill’s mustache. I’m sorry, but that was awful. He looked like a crazy person. Why couldn’t he have had a beard or stubble? Dude has been dead for a while- Lois commented that it took her  a while to come back to work, Mom’s had financial issues, stuff has happened that takes longer than a few days… i.e. his hair would’ve grown. Also, his coif should’ve been less coifed. I’m just saying. And the end result would’ve been Cavill looking less like a crazy person.

Just somethings that’ve been on my mind.

(additional information collected by researcher, Barbara)

What do you think?

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