ARROW Season 5×14, “The Sin-Eater” recap

23 Feb

Welcome back, Arrowheads!  There’s not much to recap from last week’s “let’s talk about gun control” special episode, besides Thea’s back in town.  But we still got the Prometheus problem to worry about, and our Team thinks they found his in-hiding mom.  Then you got that whole thing with Ollie and Adrian hiding the details of Billy’s murder from the Anti Crime Unit, because its hard to explain why the Green Arrow accidentally killed a cop (but read ahead for that to actually happen).  And even with that, there’s trouble brewing with Ollie’s new reporter girlfriend, Susan, finally piecing together he’s the Green Arrow.  But before we get to all of that…

Self-Discharged.  In the flashbacks, Ollie is discussing with hospital ridden Anatoly how to deal with Gregor’s betrayal, and mentions he was planning to go home, but not before deciding to put an end to this Gregor/Kovar nonsense.  Ollie notes that Gregor’s men may now be in the hospital, so he engineers an escape for him and Anatoly.  That leads to being confronted by Gregor, and…that’s kind of it.  Spoilers: Ollie and Anatoly survive.

The things people are gonna have to do to duck health bills once the ACA gets destroyed.

Complicated Women.  In the present, Oliver Queen as Mayor pays a visit to the mother of the guy they think is Prometheus, and asks for help to find her wayward son.  But she’s more pissed at the Hood for murdering her husband than interested in helping imprison her son, crazy man or not.  While Ollie is failing there, a prison transfer bus is hijacked by three familiar ladies to us: Cupid, China White, and Liza Warner, the corrupt cop from last season.  And somehow, that’s not the least of Ollie’s lady troubles this episode.

He arrives at the mayor’s office to find Susan there, who flat out asks if he’s the Green Arrow.  He answers “yes”, but in that way you say something you shouldn’t have, and now have to take it back by lying.  Thea of course, doesn’t trust her, so she decides to check on Ms. Williams.  Meanwhile, Ollie and company find out our trio of bad girls have been dropping bodies of various gangs, like the triad, looking for something.  What, exactly?  Whatever it is, is sounds like a “stash”, but who knows what and where it is.

Betrayals In Hiding.  Thea enlists Felicity to hack Susan’s computers, which is insanely easy, to discover a treasure trove of dirt connecting Oliver Queen to the Green Arrow.  So now what are they gonna do?  Before we get to that likely bad decision, our old cop buddy Pike gets a letter from an anonymous source that seems to be a shock to him.  The Team gets a lead on the bad girls, who are beating up some thugs for info on that “stash”.  Quentin comes along as he’s kind of responsible for Liza turning herself in last season, and wants to know why she’s engineered this escape with her gal pals.  She was willing to stay in prison for her crimes, up until hearing of his forced allegiance to Damien Darhk.

Liza and gang escape, since Ollie gets interrupted by a squad of the ACU, looking to arrest the Green Arrow for the murder of Billy!  Ollie escapes the scene, and is left wondering how anyone found out this.

Cover-ups.  So Ollie, with Quentin and Adrian beside him, ask Pike about why he’s hunting the Green Arrow.  Because of that anonymous letter, which had the untampered autopsy report of Billy that pointed to the Green Arrow being the assailant.  Despite trying to assure him the Green Arrow couldn’t have done this, Pike still wants to proceed with his manhunt.  So yeah, it seems like Prometheus is maybe upset Ollie visited his mom without asking.

He barely has time to get past that when he sees Susan in his office, who has bad news.  She’s been fired from her job, because evidence was found on her computer of plagiarizing news reports.  She’s been discredited, and she thinks its not a coincidence that it happened after asking Ollie if he was the Green Arrow.  Suffice to say, that’s a relationship breaker right there.  He of course knows he didn’t do this, but has a good idea who did.

Sisters are killing it…for themselves!

Responsibility.  Ollie heads back to the HQ to confront Felicity about this, and while she admits some guilt in digging up that dirt on Susan, she said Thea took it and said she could handle the rest.  After Thea has a brief talk with Quentin about sins (big theme here this episode), Ollie calls her into his office to let her know what she has done.  Thea didn’t think this would destroy Susan’s life, but Ollie is more horrified than angry with her, because this is so a Moira Queen move.  At least its not a daddy Malcolm move, because Susan would probably be dead now.  Look at the positives, Ollie.

Meantime, the Team has figured out the girls are looking for a money stash from the late Tobias Church, one worth a hundred million dollars.  Ollie has a chat with Quentin, who doesn’t think Ollie should stay on the sidelines to deal with Liza and the girl gang because of this ACU hunt.  So Ollie takes a risk and sees Pike, and without revealing who he is, explains how the Green Arrow was tricked into killing Billy because of Prometheus.  He asks Pike to seize the manhunt for Green Arrow, but gets a “I’ll think on it” response.

Coffin Money.  Meantime, the Team and the ACU wander onto the same lead for the stash that the girls do: a mausoleum in the local cemetery.  As the Team gets ready to roll, newly minted SCPD cop Dinah gets a Black Canary mask to wear for this big showdown.  The Team and Quentin arrives at the cemetery to catch the girls as they are trying to leave with the stash.  The girls also brought hired goons (they have enough cash to pay them now, after all), then the ACU arrives, and its pandemonium.

The girls get captured by all the good guys, and Pike allows the Green Arrow to go free, seeing how our hero is bothered by what happened to Billy.  So that’s that with the accidental cop killing, right?

I hope they at least made sure that mask was adjustable. Faces are different for everyone, you know.

Making The Hard Choices.  In the end, Quentin realizes he’s not to blame for Liza’s escape, and Dinah should fill the shoes his daughters did nicely. Ollie is getting no replies to his calls to Susan, and confides that he’s concerned about Thea’s handling of this.  But that’s not the note we’re left on this episode, because the next day, Adrian sees Ollie with some news he just heard.  Actually, its breaking news on TV, because there is a report on a possible cover-up on Billy’s murder by the mayor’s office!

Does this mean Mayor Oliver Queen is done?  And seriously, when are we gonna find out who this Prometheus clown is?

–Comic book connections: Nothing big this week, except Curtis got some white into his Mr. Terrific outfit, which is more in line with his DCU appearances.  He doesn’t have the floating balls yet, but its close enough for now.

–Pretty sure a discredited reporter who can connect Oliver Queen to the hooded vigilantes that have been around the last few years is still gonna be a problem.  I mean, Ollie might have still trusted her despite what he learns from Thea, but come on, girl, at least have the conversation before detonating someone’s career!

–By the way, just launch a major manhunt based on an autopsy report from a source you can’t confirm as to their reliability?  Man, Pike, come on!

–“Well, you undersold this.”

–“Oh, its not shoes.  Its a mask.”

–“See, if I’d done that, I would’ve sprained my wrist.”

–“Oh, busy taking out the trash.”

That’s it for now, so comment below and come back next week for the recap of “Fighting Fire With Fire”…

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