ARROW Season 5×06, “So It Begins” recap

10 Nov

Welcome back, Arrowheads!  Ollie’s been having a tough time with both his day job and night job as of late.  But with some big moves as mayor and capturing crime boss Tobias Church as the Green Arrow, it looks all gravy.  But there are some problems brewing, like reporter Susan Williams finding out Ollie was not stranded on an island for five years.  And there’s the threat of Prometheus, who murders Church while in police custody!  Who is this guy who isn’t but could be Malcolm Merlyn?  

Learning The Trade.  In the Russia flashbacks, Ollie and Anatoly are having a few drinks at the local Bratva watering hole, but have to duck when the place is shot up.  Konstantin Kovar basically declared war against the Bratva, which, way to not tell Ollie both groups were trying to kill each other, Anatoly!  Good news is the Bratva are going to retaliate against Kovar, but need Ollie for help.  They plan on bombing one of his casinos, and need Ollie to play a rich American playboy to help get the bombs in.  Well, it kinda works, but before the bombs can be set up, Ollie and his random Bratva accomplice are knocked out by Kovar’s men.  Ollie wakes up to see Mr. Kovar, who introduces himself with a speech about farming (it makes sense), before snapping the neck of the redshirt Bratva in front of Ollie.  Well, Ollie, you got your wish.

Declaration.  Ollie and Diggle are tracking Tobias Church’s cellphone, which is surprisingly active for a man who’s been dead for a week.  That seems to be, as is the elaborate fire show greeting our duo, because of Prometheus.  After seeing Prometheus’ big fiery “SO IT BEGINS” sign, Ollie, Dig, and Felicity agree to find out more about this guy before bringing in the rest of the team.  At his day job, Ollie is making nice with Susan (but not returning her offer for “private time”), and Thea is noticing Quentin has been a bit tardy showing up for work.  But Thea has a more pressing matter: building some good press for Star City by having an outdoor music festival.  You know what, let’s get back to Prometheus…

Our masked psycho shows up at some random woman’s apartment and does the whole “put a throwing star into the neck” gag he pulled on Church.  DA Adrian is there at the scene later, as is the Green Arrow.  They both know she was killed by Prometheus, but unlike the last two killings, this seems extremely random.  As does the news of a cab driver who just got killed by Prometheus the same way!  What’s the connection?

“You think this is anything, Prometheus? I’ve seen signs this big written in blood! Top that!”

State of Panic.  Needing evidence like the throwing stars Prometheus uses, Felicity gets asked to get one from the SCPD, namely through her boyfriend, Billy.  Good thing he gets distracted from Felicity’s odd questions about this “throwing star killer” so she can steal one of them.  But staying quiet about this between the members of Team Arrow becomes harder thanks to Susan revealing on TV that there’s a serial killer at large in the city!  And then there’s a report of violence maybe Prometheus related at a local farmer’s market, so, sigh, all the Team’s on deck.

After shutting down the paranoid shoppers who opened fire in the farmer’s market at what seems to be no Prometheus, the new team members have questions.  Like, “hey, why didn’t you tell us there’s a serial killer with eyes for you, boss?”, but Ollie isn’t concerned with ego and pride right now, so he asks Curtis and Felicity find any pattern between Prometheus’ killings.  Meantime, Thea can’t contact Ollie…or Quentin for that matter, so she searches Quentin’s office and finds a liquor bottle.  She heads to Quentin’s apartment and finds out based on his reaction to her showing up that he hasn’t stopped drinking AT ALL.  I guess someone is going back to AA meetings.

The Anagrams.  Ollie returns to the Arrow Cave where the rest of the team is waiting (for fear of being left out of the loop again).  Felicity and Curtis didn’t find any connection between the victims, except for the last two, but in the weirdest way.  The names can be turned into anagrams, which spell out different names, all familiar to Ollie and Diggle.  You see, they’re names from the list Ollie started his vigilante crusade from in season one!

So the new team members are really surprised by this reveal, probably a bit more than learning also the last few archer vigilantes running around in the last few years were in fact Oliver Queen.  So that throws our new team off, especially Evelyn, who got talked out of killing Ruve Darhk by Ollie last season.  Ollie’s all, “You don’t know what I’ve been through, fake Canary” and suggests running down names of people against the list to find any future victims Prometheus might use in his anagram-inspired spree.

Curtis: “Yeah, we’re just as good as the original Team Arrow!” Oliver: “No you’re not.”

The Real Killer.  While the junior Team has a chat on their own about how little they really know their leader, Ollie is training and letting off some steam.  Diggle stops by, where Ollie admits he has been trying to change from that guy of five years ago, but he feels like he keeps getting stalled.  Dig, being the badass he is, tells him he can see Ollie is definitely not that guy he met years ago.  That “bro” moment gets interrupted by Felicity finding six names who could be potential Prometheus victims.  The team splits up, even though Evelyn is really not cool with how this is working out.  Boo hoo.

Catch The Train.  Evelyn gets one of the people to shadow, who happens to be running a subway train, and guess who shows up?  Its Prometheus, and she fights him to little effect, besides cutting his arm.  Ollie hears Evelyn has stopped her comms,  so he gets on the car, and Prometheus makes a quick exit through the top of the subway car.  Ollie, Evelyn, and the train conductor are fine, but Prometheus left a bomb on the train!  Ollie pops out one of those trick parachute arrows out, hooks all three of them on it, and they fly out the subway car as it explodes.

Later at HQ, Ollie talks to Evelyn about the conductor and the other potential targets being put into witness protection.  She apologizes for coming down so hard on him, and he admits he is trying to better to his teammates, but to be patient in the meantime.  Felicity sees Billy at the station house, and he asks her what is going on with her.  She admits she is working for the Green Arrow, and he…is grudgingly fine with it?  That’s odd, right?

“Man, what a bender! I thought I stole a train and fought the Green Arrow! That Jägermeister is hard stuff!”

The Suspect.  At the stadium where the music festival is being held, the whole Team is there, looking forward to a few hours of fun.  Felicity arrives to talk to Ollie, and she has made a disturbing discovery: the throwing stars Prometheus is using is made out of the different kinds of arrows Ollie has used in the last four years!  It means someone has been stealing them from the police lockup!  That sounds like a cop, but who?

Speaking of suspects, Quentin wakes up from a drunk sleep in his apartment, noting he has awakened with a cut on his arm and a Prometheus throwing star on his coffee table!  Um…how about we shelve any theories about Quentin being a secret super killer until next episode at the least, okay?

–Comic book connections: No major ones this week, so here’s a tiny bit on Prometheus.  He was created by writer Grant Morrison for his seminal run in the 90’s on JLA.  He was one of their better adversaries because of his ability to overthink and plan further than his opponents.  He also wasn’t Quentin Lance.

–The arrow into the gun barrel.  Nice.

–Both Quentin and Thea know what it means when Ollie says he hasn’t made moves on Susan yet.

–Been a while since we’ve seen Ollie put arrows into tennis balls.

–“Who knew he was a Babylon 5 fanboy?”

–“You play ‘douche’ real well.”

–“That, and…don’t become a damn farmer.”

That’s it for now, but come back next week for the recap of “Vigilante”…

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