LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Season 2×03, “Shogun” recap

16 Nov

Welcome back!  Previously: our time traveling heroes finally settled on a new captain with Sara, since it seems Rip is going to be harder to find than they thought.   Nate gets injured and has to be injected with some super-serum that saves his life, and who knows what else.  With all that settled, the team can get out of the Justice Society of America’s back and our of 1942.  But, our Big Bad this season, the Reverse-Flash, decides to seek some revenge and murders the JSA’s Rex Tyler, who Vixen discovers, and she is not happy about this.  How not happy is she?  Let’s see for ourselves…

Stowaway.  So everyone on the Waverider is just relaxing, traveling the timestream after leaving 1942, when Vixen shows up and starts knocking out our heroes one at a time!  She’s finally gotten around to Mick when its discovered Nate has awakened…and is covered in metal!  Nate knocks her out, and while Ray tries to figure out why Nate has steel skin that can appear and disappear at will, Sara starts interrogating Vixen about why there’s the sudden hostility.  Vixen talks about Rex saying his killer was a time traveler and assumed the killer was in the crew.  When clearly explaining they all had no clue Rex was killed and Vixen wants to stick around with the crew to find Re’s killer, everything’s good, yeah?

Well, leave it to a simple test of Nate’s metal skin to steer things wrong.  Ray tests Nate by shooting him with the ATOM suit’s blasters, and by accident (and because this test goes on in a cargo bay, not in a safe place), an airlock gets blown open and Nate gets sucked out into the timestream!  Ray goes after him as the Waverider closes the airlock and has to follow the two overboard men.  And the ship follows them to…1600’s feudal Japan!

Awwww, I smell a Love Connection! Or is that Mick’s musk? Either way, AWWWW.

Japan, 1641.  Good thing for Nate he’s in his metal form when he slams down on to one of the Japanese islands, because he survives that dazed but alive.  He manages to find a place to recover with a woman, Masako, and her father, and they seem like good people.  Better than where Ray ends up, crashing on the same island, and becoming a prisoner of the island’s Shogun!  And that Shogun has a real interest in Ray’s ATOM suit!

The Waverider manages to set down where our two gaijins have landed, and Sara, Mick, and Vixen leave the ship to find them, while Stein and Jax stick around to fix the damaged timedrive.  During that, Jax reveals while working on learning the ship for the last few months, he’s come upon a weird anomaly: the specs of the ship don’t match to the ship itself, suggesting there’s a secret compartment on the Waverider.  What could be in there, they and we all wonder?

Cut Through Steel.  The Shogun’s men drop by Masako’s house, to remind her of her upcoming forced marriage to the Shogun.  Nate tries to play hero and defend her, but his metal powers don’t seem to kick in like he wants to, and he gets stabbed in the guts for it.  While Masako and her father help Nate recover from that, Sara, Mick, and Vixen search for a signal from the ATOM suit and find one in the Shogun’s palace.  And when they get there, they find the suit…being worn by the Shogun!  Ray manages to escape and run into his buddies, who all fall back once the Shogun starts figuring out how all the blasters on it work.

Man, who thought that armor could be made to look that much worse.

Future Samurai.  On the Waverider, Jax and Stein stumble upon the secret Waverider compartment, and find its full of weapons.  That seems slightly odd, but there is also a message log open, highlighting a recent message sent from…a future era Barry Allen!  They start to listen to the message, which warns the rest of the Legends should not hear the following.  And that is…we don’t hear it, but afterwards, both men decide to stay quiet for now about what they heard.

The next day, Nate awakens and finds he didn’t bleed to death, so his hemophilia is cured, but he still has no control over his powers.  The team finds Nate there at Masako’s, and he’s not willing to leave until they deal with the Shogun.  So Ray helps Nate learn how to attack and disable the Shogun in the ATOM suit, and while Nate’s frustrated he can’t control his powers, Ray is frustrated he is helping Nate ultimately destroying the ATOM suit!  Yep, this is not going to be a easy time for either guy.

The Weak Point.  Ray gets some advice about being a hero from Masako’s father talking about his dead son (you know, “the hero is not his suit, but the man” talk) and offers Ray a fighting chance against the Shogun with his son’s armor.  Speaking of, he shows up as Nate and Masako are talking, and a big ass fight begins.  Sara and Vixen fight the Shogun’s men, Mick fights some ninjas (and boy, he’s really happy to know they exist!), and Ray fights the Shogun.  By this point, Nate finally figures out how to get his metal powers working, and helps Ray fight the Shogun by hitting the spot on the ATOM suit he needed to hit.  The ATOM suit with the Shogun blows up, and the Shogun’s men are laid to waste by our heroes.

Sara Lance: League of Assassins, Class of ’09 alumni.

The Armor We Wear.  With Masako given a purpose by defending the village from other baddies like the Shogun, everyone leaves on the Waverider back into the timestream.  Vixen makes nice with Mick by giving him a ninja throwing star for his personal collection, and our Firestorm duo decide not to tell the team about whatever they saw in old Barry Allen’s message, but it is really disturbing them, whatever it is.  With Vixen sticking around to find Rex Tyler’s killer, Ray losing his suit, we take off for another adventure…

–Comic book connections: The Atom was generally just a character who shrank, but the idea of other weapons in the suit was a recent addition.

–Some good fight choreography this episode, like Sara’s big climatic fight.

–Barry Allen’s message was from forty years in the future, so I wonder what it was all about.

–“Master Yoda has taught you well.”

–“I love ninjas!”

–“Look, if this is about me taking all the mayonnaise, you may be slightly overreacting.”

–“Professional?”  “Ish.”

–“If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Lost, its not to open secret hatches.”

That’s it for now, but come back next time for the recap of “Abominations”…

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