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ARROW Season 3×10, “Left Behind” recap

21 Jan


Welcome back, Arrowheads! Hope you enjoyed the hiatus over the last month or so, but I have some bad news for you…Oliver Queen is dead. Yeah, the titular Arrow was killed in a mountain duel by Ra’s al Ghul (or possibly killed by that drop of that cliff, but let’s not dwell on that yet), protecting Thea, who got brainwashed by Malcolm Merlyn to kill Sara. Add to this, Ollie discovers Thea got some mad fighting skills, his mentor in Hong Kong years ago, Maseo, just got his membership in the League of Assassins, and if he doesn’t fight Ra’s, the evidence that Thea killed Sara will be released, sentencing her to death by the League (because that’s what dads do for their kids, I guess). And Felicity is discovering her new boss has a super-secret supersuit program he wants her to help in. So I guess the show’s over, which begs the question: if the show’s minus Arrow, shouldn’t we rename this show Diggle and Company? I mean Ollie’s dead, right? RIGHT? Continue reading

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