Gamer Help!

7 Apr

Alright… so… I want to become a better nerd. I’ve got TV, movies, and comics covered, but I never really got into gaming. I played a little D&D when I was a kid but the boys always made the set-up take so long that I got bored and my character committed suicide when the first monster made an appearance (fun fact- Dungeons and Dragons was copyrighted on the day I was born). And we were… neglected as youths- my brother and I only had an Atari 800 system to play games on. Mind you, I kicked ass at those games but… compared with the games of today, they are pong (another fun fact- I suck at pong).

I have an N64 and I’m pretty good at the basic games, though I get bored easily. My favorite game is Gauntlet Legends. LOVE IT! Also, I’m really good at it. My brother has a PS2 and the only game I play on that is Gauntlet Legends: Dark whatever it’s called. I have done all but beat the game because I’m dumb and never have enough life points when I face the final boss. Still, I can happily play that game for ages. I also have the Buffy game but… I’m not super good at it. I get bored.

So here is where I need your help to be a better game nerd- I have a PS3 (I want to play James Gunn’s Lollipop Chainsaw something fierce! It doesn’t come out til June!) and I need some games recommended to me. Preferably stuff I can play with a buddy. And not super duper hard… I want to have fun, not go on lockdown for a week while I defeat it. Based on my love of Gauntlet Legends, what should I play? Would I like Skyrim? The trailer looks good and like something I might enjoy. What about the Arkham games? I hear they are good. I like Batman.

What do you think?

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