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Guest Post~ How to raise Nerds!

29 Aug

Recent guest poster, and regular NerdLush BTS researcher/archivist, Barbara is back to share her thoughts on raising nerds. And speaking as one of the nerds she raised… she knows what she is talking about.


I raised nerds. I’m not quite sure how I did it but I am quite happy with the result. Continue reading

Guest Post!!~ Geek Mom Raising a Geek Baby

16 Feb

NerdLush friend, Jackie, is back with another guest post– this time she returns to the topic of raising a baby in a world of geek.


I’ve attempted to write this piece for several months now. It first started out as a piece on my experience taking a toddler to the Chicago Comic Con back in August. Then it evolved into a piece about finding “geek” and “super hero” clothing that’s for girls and doesn’t include a tutu. Then I sat back and realized I’ve written on both of these topics before. Continue reading

Guest Blog~ Geek Mom Worries

4 Mar

NerdLush friend, Jackie, is back with another guest post about raising a geek baby.


As a geek mom raising a geek baby can be both exciting and frustrating. My daughter just turned 1 and I love introducing her to new things and experiences. I can’t wait as she grows to read some of my favorite books, share my favorite movies, and watch her develop her inner geek. It will be fascinating to watch. Will she like comic books? Superheroes? DC or Marvel? What will her favorite show be? Book? Movie? Which Doctor will she like the most? Will she love going to comic cons and immersing herself in the geek atmosphere? Or will she grow up and reject it all? No matter what her decision is, I just want to make sure she’s well informed and will love whatever it is that she decides to ….well…love. Continue reading

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