DC TV Recap Round-Up, Week 24: Some Fast Thinking!

15 Jun

Welcome back! So now we’re slowly winding down this recap roundup thing for the season, but we still got one more week of The Flash to talk about before we end this thing with the last few episodes of Supergirl. Before the chaos of The Flash season finale, let’s do another double recap shot of Supergirl

“The Fanatical”

We get a return to the Cult of Rao as one of their members steals a needed Kryptonian book of theirs and seeks out Supergirl’s help via James Olsen. James has to get into his Guardian get up to recover the escaped girl cult member when her cult buddies try kidnapping her, and loses his helmet in the ensuing fight, which does cause him to be mistaken for a criminal to the police, because…yeah, racism. This also becomes another problem because the new cult threatens to expose Jimmy’s secret vigilante exploits to the press if they don’t get that book back! And also the cult wants to use the book to bring about another Worldkiller!

Beside confronting his own purpose as Guardian (and a little more in the notes below), Jimmy has to trust his Super buddies to help stop the cult from their plans. Good thing they succeed, because Jimmy can sleep easy knowing his Guardian identity is safe. With that Worldkiller resurrection plot stopped, this reveals a stone that can can be used free Sam of Reign, but they only place they can find it is in space! Space road trip!

“Hey, remember me? I’m part of this show too!”

–Let’s all be honest: who didn’t get all the feels listening to that messed up story about James as a kid being handcuffed by cops?

–Oh, and that cult leader Coville is still around. That can’t be good.

–We get a nice little bonding between Ruby and M’yrnn as they get taken on a little play date with Alex and J’onn.

–Lena is just puzzled why Supergirl wants to be her friend anyway. Or maybe she knows why. If not, oh that will be quite a shock.

–Mon-El finally gets some use pretending to be some doofus who gets kidnapped by the Rao cultists. Of course, will he be of any use during that space trip him and Kara are going on?

–James’ password for that secret compartment for that Guardian gear? “Coltrane.” Nice.

“Dark Side of the Moon”

Kara and Mon-El’s space odyssey to find that special rock that can stop Reign makes a interesting discovery: Argo City, somehow surviving the cataclysm of Krypton! And another surprise, Kara’s mom is alive too, with a surprising explanation for how Argo still exists: that rock Kara is looking for is powering the city! Kara needs only a sliver of the massive rock to use on Reign, but for obvious reasons, the Argo City Council isn’t all for giving up a piece of the resource keeping them all alive. However the votes is swayed by one council member…who happens to be the evil priestess that Reign was being groomed by! What?!

Well before we think too long on this, we got Alex finding herself the target of someone out to kill her. We find out eventually it’s some relative of the Fort Rozz escapees from way back when, but this encounter stopping her attacker has rattled her, especially as she is considering what might happen to Ruby if Reign can’t be expelled from Sam. Speaking of, Lena has to consider killing Reign before she becomes too powerful to fight off that synthetic kryptonite containing her. That decision comes a bit too late, as Lena does that…and Reign still escapes! Kara and Mon-El arrive at the last second with their sliver of alien rock to fight Reign, and how that goes is for another episode to answer.

I hope there’s like an spaceship auto theft alarm on J’onn’s ship.

–It’s just weird to have a mother and daughter relationship where there’s barely a decade between each actress’ age.

–Took a bit for me to realize one of Alex’s suspects was the recently paroled murderous sheriff from the flashback episode earlier this season.

–It’s Wynn’s turn to bond with Ruby because…why?

–I just have to wonder if the evil priestess Selena is a callback to the Supergirl movie.

–Probably for the best Kara doesn’t mention Alex killed her mom’s sister. It’s a long story to explain.

–“You would have to had been seventeen when you busted him. (Pause) Yeah, that tracks.”

“We Are The Flash”

It’s season finale time, and DeVoe’s Enlightment plan is about to be successful, once that dark matter field around the Earth is at full strength. So Marlize suggests a last ditch plan for Barry to enter Clifford’s brain to recover the good side of him to take over the clearly evil emotionless side. In that dream state, he runs into a very alive Ralph and a very dead good Clifford. Barry suggests that Ralph is being kept alive because he’s needed to control his body for DeVoe, so they have to bring Ralph back into control. It basically involves fighting DeVoe duplicates and throwing Ralph through some portal or whatever, but Ralph regained control of his body and expels The Thinker! The dark matter field is shut off and that’s it, right?

WRONG, because DeVoe had a last ditch suicide plan by bringing that STAR Labs satellite down on the city. Barry tries to build up super speed so he can punch the satellite to nothingness, and before he does, we see some other speedster arrive to help do the same. The satellite is destroyed, and the city is safe, all while Cecile gives birth to a baby girl. All’s great, until that mystery girl we’ve seen all season arrives at the West house…and claims to be Barry and Iris’ daughter! Oh, and she may have screwed up the timeline, which I’m sure we’ll hear more about how next season!

Someone was a huge fan of The Matrix Reloaded.

–So all those other bus metas are probably dead too, right? I mean, that’s rough stuff.

–I almost forgot about Harry getting a fix from Marlize to fix the mental regression he was facing from that dark matter. Mind you he’s just normal intelligence Harry now, but hey, he’s got a bigger heart (figuratively, I mean) now. So what kind of Harry Wells from the multiverse are we gonna get next season?

–Wally manages to drop by for the big housewarming party for Joe and Cecile’s baby daughter. Of course, now I wonder what will happen to that whole meta kid thing that’s been there all season.

–So knowing how DeVoe went from Ralph’s body to his super chair before Marlize trashed that just a few minutes later, do we really think that’s the last we’ll see of The Thinker?

–Also, fun fourth wall breaking with DeVoe suggesting the Big Bad this season won’t be defeated. Apparently he wasn’t smart enough to see he was going to get beat.

–Iris thinking the Star Trek II quote was from Star Wars. Honest mistake. She’s had a rough season.

–“Hey, attack of the clones!”

NEXT TIME: We finish up the Recap Round-Up (for now) with the last three episodes of Supergirl this season!

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