DC TV Recap Round-Up, Week 25: Super Season Finale!

29 Jun

Welcome back! For the last DC TV Recap Round-Up until October, we still got three episodes of Supergirl to talk about before we take a summer break (weird scheduling stuff, I know). So how about we just jump right in, shall we?

“Not Kansas”

We don’t have to wait long in this episode for Reign to be purged from Sam by that special rock Kara picked up from Argo City: more like until we get to the end of the cold open! With Sam seemingly cured, Kara decides she’s gonna spend some extended time at Argo City and catching up with dear old mom. Mon-El joins her on her space vacation, leaving the rest of the DEO to deal with more down to earth problems: like lethal DEO weaponry used in violent crimes! I’ll save you some time on this plotline: guns bad, non-lethal weaponry good.

Back on Argo, Kara can’t help but have the feeling that something is wrong with her trip, like she’s being watched. It seems like paranoia, until she finds out she’s right, as she’s being trailed by one of Selena’s (you know, the evil priestess that wants Reign to annihilate Earth) followers. Selena has stolen the Martian vessel Kara used for her trip and taken it back to Earth to turn Earth into a new Krypton. With Coville showing up to offer his help, and Supergirl stranded on Argo City, suffice to say we got problems.


–So, because James just happens to bring up that Miss Tessmacher has a science degree, Lena decides to hire her for the secret project investigating that mystery rock? Going from secretary to scientist in a day has to be the world’s biggest scale promotion!

–Kara and Mon-El might be rekindling their love and NO. Just NO.

–At least some honesty in this gun storyline comes in some of the DEO guys not wanting to use non-lethal weaponry. On the other hand, Winn is developing it, so maybe they just are thinking right.

–Now Kara is cool with Lena synthesizing Kryptonian rocks? Sigh. It never ends with you, does it?

–“What’s wi-fi like in space?”

“Make It Reign”

So back on Argo City, Kara, Alura, and Mon-El discover Selena’s plan is to resurrect Reign on Earth so she can terraform the Earth into another Krypton. Of course, how can they get back to warn their friends to what is going on is another problem (hint: it involves space portals and intergalactic communication). Coville points Selena to the Reign blood they need for this resurrection plan: the DEO headquarters! Before you can ask how he knows where their secret base is, the dark Kryptonians storm in to get those blood samples.

While Kara, Mon-El, and Alura are able to get back in time to fight the dark Kryptonians, they don’t destroy all the Reign blood and so, Reign is back! Her mission is to tunnel to the Earth’s core and start the terraforming to new Krypton there. It’s pretty much all hands on deck for this one, as our heroes have to go to multiple fronts to stop this cataclysm. Its looks like some sacrifices are going to be made in the season finale.

Another DCTV tradition of having easily locatable and poorly secured headquarters.

–M’yrnn doesn’t finish his memory transfer to J’Onn, which is kind of important for both of them as part of M’yrnn’s death ritual. I have a bad feeling it’ll be unfinished (SPOILERS for ahead: it will).

–Coville gets a nice thank you gift from Selena and those dark Kryptonians: getting shot with heat vision! He’s probably dead now (SPOILERS: not just yet, but soon enough).

–Oh no! Random dude at the DEO who talks to Winn dies! Everyone’s so upset! He’s not a regular guy here, so whatever.

–Alex is thinking about balancing the DEO with her desire to have a kid. Also, she does very well kicking some dark Kryptonian butt.

–Sam is still connected to Reign, although she’s not turning into her yet.

–“That wasn’t as satisfying as I’ve imagined it. And I imagined it.”

“Battles Lost and Won”

Its season finale time, and we got a LOT to walk through. Before the cold open even ends, M’yrnn sacrifices himself to stop Reign’s journey to the center of the Earth, which leads to sad J’onn (I don’t like that). They still need to get to Reign and those dark Kryptonians, so with the help of Sam (and a dying Coville sending a beacon out), our heroes (plus Imra and Brainy, back for a reason we’ll get to later) head to the dark Kryptonians’ lair. Kara decides she has to kill Reign, but in the process a lot of our favorites get killed!

No worries though, because Kara uses one of those time breaches the Legion went through and goes back to the start of that battle, only this time she uses that magic rock again to finally end Reign for good. So with the dark Kryptonians being taken away to Argo by Alura to face judgement, all’s good, right? Well, there’s the problem of the future of the Legion being changed and forcing Brainy to stay in our time for now, but he asks for a replacement genius to help the Legion in the meantime: Winn! Even Alex is thinking of leaving the DEO too, until J’onn let’s her know he’s leaving and giving her his job! And did I mention Mon-El is going back to the future with Imra and Winn (although in the former’s case, she won’t be married to Mon-El anymore)?

That’s a lot of change to take in for this episode (and we have more to discuss below in the notes), but there’s one more surprise left. That fight with Reign somehow created a doppelgänger of Kara who wanders through Siberia! What does this mean? Are we about to get good Supergirl versus evil Supergirl next season?

“Anyone have a Russian version of Winn who can make me some clothes?”

–So Lena is moving on to another phase of her project to synthesize that Kryptonite ore used to stop Reign, so why should this be potentially a scary prospect for next season?

–Oh, and James outs himself as the Guardian. I mean, okay.

–It’s a nice turn that Winn’s body shield tech (you know, the one that didn’t completely help that poor DEO guy who sacrificed himself last episode) is what suggests Brainy get him to go back to the future, since it’s a cornerstone of future technology. Also a hint to a “cousin” of Brainy’s reminds us of some of the other Brainiacs still running around.

–Sam, now fully human, gets reunited with Ruby and that’s fine, I guess. I would not expect to see them much at L-Corp next season.

–I kind of hope J’onn comes back next season as a police detective. Fingers crossed.

–Superman is mentioned that he’s helping getting people to shelter during that opening mayhem. Not seen mind you, but at least we know he’s there. Also, no one explained why he has a Legion ring in his Fortress and somehow Kara didn’t put it together who the Legion was.

–“There’s no pizza on Argo, huh?” “Nope.” “That’s a shame.”

NEXT TIME: Well there’s no next time until October, so in the downtime, you got plenty of time to catch up on the episodes you missed, or like me, just watch all of the Crisis on Earth-X crossover over and over again. Until then, stay safe out there.

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