DC TV Recap Round-Up, Week 23: Doubling Up On Recaps Again!

1 Jun

Welcome back! We got another double dosage of recaps of both The Flash and Supergirl this time around. So without further ado, let’s get down to it!


Lots goes down, first with Kara learning about Lena’s experimentation with Sam/Reign and learning she used Lex’s secret stash of kryptonite to contain her. Then, there’s an eclipse being caused by the Worldkillers that will depower Kara and start world destruction! So we get a mad scheme to go into the netherworld Sam is trapped in to recover her and find out where the Worldkillers are. Kara, Alex, and Lena go in and help Sam stay strong as the Worldkillers are destroying their human personas, and that leads to our heroes finding the Worldkiller lair.

Somehow Purity is talked back into her human part and she kills Pestilence, along with herself in the process. Unfortunately, both their powers go into Reign, and she escapes. On the plus side, that eclipse is stopped and that lair is no more. On the bad side, Kara does ask James to spy on Lena to find out her secrets, only he doesn’t, and then finds out that stash of kryptonite was not just lying around in Lex’s stuff, but that she made it! Well, that’s not probably gonna go over well once Kara finds out.

Is Reign going super saiyan?

–Alex gets a new suit for combat, which…cool, I guess. It has pads for the shoulders.

–Lena is starting to get irritated with Supergirl’s needling of her. I mean, she literally calls her out for hiding her identity. I get kryptonite is not pleasant, Kara, but acting all paranoid is not helping.

–Sam is still stuck in that nether world place when we last see her, which at least means she’s still alive…right now.

–“Brainy will figure it out. Otherwise he loses the nickname ‘Brainy’.”

–“We fight fantasy with sci-fi.”

“Shelter From The Storm”

The newly overpowered Reign is looking to kill the one thing that’s keeping Sam alive inside her: and that’s daughter Ruby! It’s a good thing Lena had her hidden away in one of Lex’s secret houses, and Alex goes to make sure the little girl is safe. Meantime, Kara and J’Onn head to Sam’s foster mother to wait for Reign to come calling for directions to find Ruby. Unfortunately, Reign kills her foster mom, and thanks to James’ suggestion of total honesty, Lena tells Kara about that kryptonite formula she has had all this time. As you can imagine, Kara is incensed by this, and then Lena reveals James told her about Supergirl wanting him to spy on her. Also, Lena tells Kara specifically that her friendship with Supergirl is totally dead now. Oh, you messed up here, Supergirl.

In other news, the Legion are going to return to the future with Pestilence gone, and Mon-El has doubts whether he should. But Imra tells him he needs to stay in our present to work out his issues with Kara, or at least to see if they need to file 31st century divorce papers. He manages to help stop Reign after a confused Ruby tries to call her mom (Thanks, Ruby!), and now we got Reign back in custody again. Plus, Ruby now knows her mom is a super monster, so that’s gonna be some therapy time for her in the immediate future.

“Oh I knew there was going to be trouble when you didn’t go through your goth phase as a teen, Sam!”

–A little nod to the original Superman movie (or the Special Edition, at least) with that gauntlet of weapons in the bottom of Lex’s hidden mansion.

–A cute future reveal hidden away in this episode: Mon-El hints J’Onn somehow survives into the 31st century.

–J’Onn’s dad also seems to give our heroes the key to defeating Reign (by appealing to her sense of justice being compromised by wanting to kill an innocent like Ruby), and then forgetting he said it. Ouch.

–Also another throwaway mention from M’yrnn was the Eradicator Project. If you know your Super-lore, you know that’s not exactly a good thing.

–“Well I guess it’s back to the future, then. Which I do know is a movie title. I just like saying it.”

–“Shall we embrace?”

“Harry And The Harrisons”

With the Thinker assembling the final components of his Enlightment plan, Team Flash realizes the plan involves sending a satellite into space to irradiate Earth with dark matter. Their solution to defeat DeVoe’s defense of the satellite comes from an unexpected place: needing Amunet Black’s metal powers! After finding Amunet in hiding, she explains the metal power she has is connected to the metal of the plane she was on when the particle accelerator accident occurred. She has quite a surplus hidden away she can use, except it got stolen by her literal snake eyed henchman!

Another reason Amunet is of interest to Team Flash is Caitlin wants some tech she used on her to contain Killer Frost, thinking it can be made to do the opposite. Turns out, the power is within her, which is of little help when the Team arrives to break off the sale of that special metal to criminals. But hey, they get the metal and Amunet makes them a special little metal bomb to use when the satellite goes up. I guess we can call that a win for Team Flash, and they really need them right now.

Please don’t tell me these Harrys are potential candidates for season 5.

–Harry’s makeshift Council of Wells (apparently the more intelligent ones kicked out the very slightly less intelligent ones) is helpful in giving Harry the idea that DeVoe hasn’t moved on his plan because something emotional damaging has delayed him. Of course, that doesn’t last long.

–Iris is going back to blogging, and reporting on DeVoe’s evil plan to drum up tips to find him. I’m a bit confused as to how she is going to avoid libel charges in the future, but okay.

–Kind of hilarious to hear Katee Sackhoff use her real accent as Amunet’s fake one.

–“What’s the opposite of ‘insignificant ‘?” “Colossal?” “Yes, this was a COLOSSAL waste of time!”

–“‘Tis a bit time consuming removing blood from metal.”

“Think Fast”

The Thinker takes over an ARGUS facility where Fallout is being held, where the metahuman will be turned into a power source for the dark matter satellite. So now Team Flash has to get in there to stop this, and save the hostages inside. To do that, Cisco suggests him and Caitlin be taken into Flashtime with Barry so they all can do both. Of course, Barry has his issues with putting teammates into danger with this tricky scheme, but he has little time to plan any other way to pull this off.

Well, the Team manage to save the hostages with their plan, and Barry stops the satellite with that metal bomb from Amunet. It seems like we got a big victory here, until DeVoe takes over that secret room with Gideon at STAR Labs and uses their satellites to start up the Enlightment! Let’s hope Iris and Harry’s side mission to convince Marlize to help them pays off! I mean, there’s only one more episode to go to do it!

Oh, you poor saps.

–The opening teaser was actually good this time around, with that insane long shot of the Thinker walking into the ARGUS base. Someone saw the hallway fights in the Marvel/Netflix shows and said, “Hold my beer”.

–So what the hell does that flash of the past where Caitlin sees herself become Killer Frost as a child mean?

–Once again, Diggle is not warned about being super sped over to STAR Labs by Barry, and yeah, he pukes again. Warn a dude, Flash!

–Harry is really losing his mind, like to the point he’s not remembering where people live. I can’t imagine how bad it’ll be by the season finale.

–Also, Cecile is taking on people’s personalities for a spell, which is fun but, when is she going to have that kid already?

–“This house is…” “Bitchin’. Yeah, everyone says that.”

–“This evening’s recital shall be conducted by your beloved professor.”

NEXT TIME: We get the season finale of The Flash as Barry has to enter the Thinker’s mind to stop him; and on Supergirl, James runs afoul of the Cult of Rao while Kara and Mon-El’s mission into space makes a startling discovery!

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