ARROW Season 6×21, “Docket No. 11-19-41-73” recap

5 May

Welcome back, Arrowheads! Oliver Queen this season started on a big high of having a family, being Mayor of Star City, and occasionally being the Green Arrow. But now, things are just in the pits with almost all of his teammates gone on their own, him being impeached from office, and in the crosshairs of an investigation to prove he is the vigilante we all know he is. And last we left, we learned thanks to Ricardo Diaz being plugged in throughout the city, he’s going to have Ollie’s trial…about now-ish. How is he gonna get out of this mess with all those cards stacked against him?Pre-Trial Preparations. We start in Kasnia, as Diggle is parachuting into some kind of bad guy enclave, and kicking all kinds of ass. He finds someone tied up (who we don’t see), and tells the captive that he’s needed in Star City. Speaking of Star City, we go back there for a meeting with Ollie, Felicity, and his attorney Jean, and learn some bad news: the prosecution has hired Alexa Van Owen, an attorney who has has broken enough criminal organizations and has enough resources to make winning a case against her impossible. That’s probably why there’s an plea offer from her camp for a 15 year sentence if Ollie takes it. No dice, he says, he wants an acquittal. Meantime, Mayor Quentin is finishing up an interview when Evil Laurel drops by and is asked about the Green Arrow. She mentions she’ll be testifying to that in court. Uh-oh.

At the newbies’ lair, Rene is trying to make sure everyone gets their story straight if they are called to testify. But why is Rene so concerned about that, as he’s the one who helped reluctantly tighten the noose on his former leader? As far as he’s concerned, Rene feels responsibility for getting Ollie out of this mess that got put in. Oh NOW they care about what happens to Ollie? They’re the worst.

John Diggle: making Jeeps go airborne since 2012.

Court’s In Session. So we get the opening statements: Ollie may be a hero, but he’s also a law breaking killer vs. he’s being railroaded by a corrupted city government. And things don’t entirely improve for Ollie from there, as Diggle and Dinah get questioned on the stand, and thanks to someone’s legal team being thorough, find their testimony that Ollie isn’t the Green Arrow fall under scrutiny. They even interview the doctor who treated them throughout the years, but she won’t budge either.

Evil Laurel is being told by Quentin that she needs to stand up to Diaz, when said Diaz is ringing her up to go see him. There, he reveals she’ll be called as a rebuttal witness, and she better tell the Court that Ollie’s the Green Arrow! While Evil Laurel is given time to think on that threat, Diaz decides to go the courthouse for a related matter…

Perjury. With a break in the proceedings, we find Rene is ready to pretty much perjure himself to get Ollie out of this. But surprise surprise, when Rene takes the witness stand, he sees his daughter…and right behind her, Diaz! Despite everyone wondering who that creepy guy is next to that little girl that has got Rene spooked, Rene is forced to stick to his confession. Seriously, NO ONE screams out “who is that guy and why does he have that witness’ daughter by his side”? Diggle and Dinah confront Diaz on the courthouse steps, and with the swarm of police on Diaz’s payroll to help him, Diaz still allows the two to go free. Oh, I hate this guy.

Jean has to ask if Ollie’s the Green Arrow, and when he admits it, she suggests a new strategy: admit that on the stand and use his good acts as defense against the prosecution. Ollie sees that if he goes public, it would destroy any chance he has at a normal life ever again. So now Felicity gets called to the witness stand, and while she defends Ollie, she is questioned about not knowing her dad was a known cyber criminal. Then, it’s Ollie’s turn, and while he admits the Green Arrow and The Hood are the same person, he won’t reveal who it is. But when confronted with a photo on him in Russia before he ever was “found” on Lian Yu (you remember that dangling thread from last season? No? Me neither.), it calls into question what else he’s lying about. Before we can follow that up, someone comes falling through a courthouse skylight! It’s someone in the Green Arrow suit, and it’s…well…

“Hey, Ollie! I’m back! Dead guy high five!”


Surprise Witness. So Tommy Merlyn confesses on the stand that he has been the Hood/Green Arrow all this time, and that he faked his death to continue his fight on crime. Tommy is arrested because, why let him walk out the door at this point? He’s taken into the courthouse parking lot by police, who are taking him to Diaz, but Tommy gets help to escape from Diggle and Rene. As they all drive off in a van, we see Tommy is actually master of disguise Christopher Chance (from last season, also)! Will that be enough to dismiss the case?

As it turns out, NO. Ollie and Felicity learn the trial is still going on, and Quentin tells them about Evil Laurel being called as a rebuttal witness. So, things look even worse than before, but Ollie is more concerned with making sure someone like Felicity is there to take care of William, even if he goes to prison.

Rebuttal. Evil Laurel is put up on the witness stand, and there she is asked if Ollie is the Green Arrow. She says he isn’t. Well, that’s a shock to everyone, and afterwards, even Quentin wasn’t sure she would do that. She says she does finally need to stand up to Diaz, and we’ll see where that goes later. Meantime, Both sides give their closing arguments, and while we wait to hear what the verdict is, Ollie tells William to be strong for Felicity since she might be taking care of him from now on, and that his dad will always love him. Well, that’s sweet.

“Look, Felicity, just in case this doesn’t pan out, you did check the extradition status on Aruba, right?”

Verdict. The jury comes back with a verdict, and it is that Ollie’s GUILTY! Duh-duh-duhhhh! But wait, Jean argues for a judgment absent the jury’s verdict, which can be argued if the jury (maybe bought off like the judge, maybe not) came to a decision that doesn’t correlate with the facts. But the judge agrees, citing too much reasonable doubt for a verdict to be passed, and lets Ollie go! What the what?! At the HQ, we learn what happened: Christopher Chance impersonated the judge at the verdict hearing! It’s not like the judge can argue he was jumped without revealing his payoff from Diaz, right?

Later, Ollie pays a visit to Rene, who he wanted to thank for coming up with the idea to switch out the judge (and don’t forget possibly let himself be charged with perjury), and it looks like these two’s friendship might be on the mend. Somewhere else, Diaz is finishing up killing the judge in the case when Evil Laurel shows up, and yeah, he’s really pissed off. Well she attacks him and his men with her sonic screams, but when she’s about to do that sweet whisper of death into his ear, her power is shut off by one of those sonic dampeners. His men take her prisoner, and he says now he’s just gonna move on to Plan B: murder Team Arrow and everyone around them!

Wait, that wasn’t Plan A? We’ll discuss the mistake of that next week as we got two episodes left this season!

–Comic book connections: Intergang is a group of bad guys more affiliated with the Superman end of the DCU. They also had an affiliation with Darkseid, which is odd, but it’s there. The docket number of the title refers to Green Arrow’s first appearance in More Fun Comics issue 73, released on 11-19-47.

–I won’t spoil recent news about who isn’t returning for next season, but that news does make me wonder how the last two episodes are going to pan out on one plotline of note.

–Speaking of Jean, we learn Raisa knows Ollie is the Green Arrow! Who doesn’t know he is at this point?

–Rene and his daughter are watching House of Wax 3D. Cute touch.

–So on the scale of superhero trials this season, this ranks slightly less implausible than the one on The Flash. Slightly.

–“Please don’t call me again, at least for another year.”

–“Are you FOMO about not getting subpoenaed?”

–“I’m not the Green Arrow, by the way.”

–“Can we stop by a drive thru on the way to Iron Heights? I’m buying!”

That’s it for now, but come back next week for the recap of this season’s penultimate episode, “The Ties That Bind”…

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