DC TV Recap Round-Up, Week 8: Crisis on Earth X (Part Two)!

29 Nov

Welcome back to the big crossover event, Crisis on Earth-X! Before we get started with the final half of this, let’s discuss what happened previously. You got interdimensional Nazis breaking up Barry and Iris’ wedding, and why has this happened? Because they come from Earth-X, a reality where the Nazis won WWII, and right now they are lead by…the evil doppleganger of Oliver Queen! And the evil doppleganger of Kara is his wife! And Eobard Thawne (the one we all know) is among them!

Besides their plans of taking over this dimension, they want our Kara for a little involuntary heart transplant to save the dying Evil Kara. And they get pretty close to that goal as our heroes are knocked out, and most of them end up in a prison camp on Earth-X! So with the major hitters in another dimension, some of the supporting guys being locked up in STAR Labs while Felicity and Iris are still loose, how is everyone going to get out of this mess? And will all of them get out alive?

“Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3”

At STAR Labs, Eobard is prepping Kara for surgery (thanks to that “Prism” they stole being used to make a red sunbeam to dampen her superstrength), and Iris and Felicity are trying to figure out how to get the rest of their comrades (including Cisco, who finally wakes up from that concussion he got at the wedding) out of the holding cells. And on Earth-X, our team of Ollie, Barry, Sara, Alex, Jax, and Stein are trying to figure out what they have to do, beside escaping and getting back to their home dimension. Before that, the shackled and shock collared heroes get taken by another doppleganger, Commandant Quentin Lance, out of the pen with another guy named Ray (not Ray Palmer, in case you asked) to be lined up and shot.

Before that happens, they get rescued by…Leonard Snart, Captain Cold? Well, it’s not the Leonard we know, but he helps rescue them so why argue over the details. We also discover Ray is a super powered guy himself, able to fly and fire off light beams, so that might come in handy. That group arrives at Star City, in their version of the Arrow HQ, and find that reality’s Winn is in charge, and preparing to blow up the giant dimensional rift machine that could get our heroes home! They want to get home and maybe stop Evil Ollie and company, but Winn wants to just simply strand those baddies in another dimension instead. This may be a problem.

Man, the Allen-West after wedding ceremony has really gone to crap.

Even with Alex trying to appeal to this alternate version of her colleague, Winn is convinced to still go through with the plan. It’s not until Cold steps up and comes up with a plan to get through the heavy security around the rift machine that Winn gives them an hour to pull it off before he launches his attack. The key in comes with Ollie, who pretends to be his Earth-X double so he can get into the control center of the facility. Ollie runs into the still alive Evil Quentin, who informs him they are ready to start their incursion, and that will be lead by a timeship like the Waverider! Ollie plays along, but Evil Quentin presents a curveball to Ollie: a brunette woman who is this reality ‘s Felicity, and offers Ollie a chance to kill her! He doesn’t, and we learn Evil Quentin used her to prove he wasn’t their Oliver, but no worries because Ollie beats everyone up in the control room. Then we learn Earth-X Winn decided to just go ahead of schedule and launch his weapon to destroy the facility…which is a Red Tornado robot! So while Barry and Ray go off to stop the Red Tornado bot, everyone else will fight their way into the rift chamber.

Back at our STAR Labs, Iris and Felicity decide to interrupt the open heart surgery before it starts by killing power in the building. The baddies start looking around for the duo, not realizing they have grabbed Kara and are trying to get her to somewhere with some sun so she can recharge. But Metallo is in their way, and the three get captured. They can’t restart the systems because Felicity locked out the system, so Thawne threatens to really torture her to get that lockdown removed. But Kara tells Felicity to unlock the system, and Kara agrees to the fatal procedure if her friends’ lives are spared.

“I’m glad I’m not some pouty little whiner.” “Well, I’m glad I’m not married to Oliver Queen. Ugh.” “What do you mean, ‘ugh’?”

On Earth-X, Barry and The Ray fight to stop the Red Tornado robot, and after a few tries, are only delaying it heading to the base. Back in the facility, everyone is fighting Nazis, Jax and Stein separate to switch on different consoles, but in the confusion, Jax is pinned down and Stein goes to switch on the machine…and gets shot in the back. Oh no.

–Some minor things get discussed during all this, like Felicity’s concern for Ollie, Kara getting called on her depression by Evil Kara, and Alex’s fear of losing her sister (among other things). Oh, and we get a signal sent to the rest of the Legends so, obviously they will be back for the finale.

–Harry just throwing that ball around in the cell just to irritate Cisco is just perfect.

–Leonard Snart and The Ray are a couple! That’s a nice turn to see, especially as Cold is a way more nice version of the chilly (to coin a phrase) Cold we lost.

–That minor note of Thawne suggesting he fought Superman in the future…could I smell a potential Supergirl episode here?

–STAR Labs security may be nonexistent, but their vents are surprisingly large!

–Evil Quentin maybe killed the Earth-X Sara, of course nothing is said about that world’s Laurel. And speaking of missing dopplegangers, where is the Earth-X Barry Allen?

–“This doesn’t look like a wedding.”

–“Why do you care if I take your heart? You’re not using it.”

–“Listen, fingerless gloves!”

–“I’m optimistic, do you know why?” “Because you’re a crazy old man?” “Yes. No.”

–“Good might be an over-simplification.”

–“Because it’s the strong’s duty to protect the weak.”

“Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4”

We come back to Earth-X as Stein manages to get to the start up button and collapses starting the rift machine. Jax bonds with Stein for Firestorm to keep the doctor alive, Barry and The Ray blow up that Red Tornado robot real good, and the team with Cold and The Ray decide to go through back home to fight the bad guys. Back at home, Thawne tries for that Kryptonian heart surgery again, but something is stopping his scalpel from cutting into her chest. It’s not a malfunction with that red sunbeam device: it’s the Atom stopping that scalpel! Well, surprise, the rest of the Legends have arrived to help bust the rest of our imprisoned heroes out of the Conduit. Our heroes from Earth-X arrive at STAR Labs, and pretty much team up with every superpowered guy to gang up and blow up Metallo! It’s not even remotely a fair fight.

Felicity tries to get Kara away again, and when Evil Ollie threatens to kill her to get Kara back, Ollie shows up with a knife against depowered Evil Kara’s throat! Eobard snatches up his evil buddies and flees the scene in their evil timeship. Jax drops Stein off in the Waverider to patch him up, but since they joined as Firestorm for a bit, Jax is feeling the effects of Stein’s injuries. In effect, he’s keeping Stein alive, but eventually thanks to their link, both of them will eventually die! More bad news is Evil Kara’s condition is a bit worse than just dying, but that she’ll very shortly explode like a supernova!

Sniff. Who left these onions here?

Jax comes to and checks on Stein, who is aware that this link will kill both of them…unless Stein severs the link with that serum Cisco made and dies first! Jax doesn’t want to lose his surrogate dad, but Stein doesn’t want to lose his surrogate son either. Jax relents and gives Stein the serum, and after a rather tearful goodbye, Dr. Martin Stein dies. Sniff. The rest of the group is given the tragic news and has their own brief moments to reflect on their fallen friend, while Jax delivers news of that death to Martin’s family. Then they get a call from Evil Ollie, who offers to leave their Earth alone, in exchange for Kara. Our Ollie tells him no, and helps rally everyone to go kick some Nazi ass!

Evil Ollie just decides to start blasting people on the streets with his stormtroopers and timeship, and our heroes show up to start some fighting. A lot goes down, like Kara forcing her evil counterpart out to fight; Cisco breaching in Caitlin, Amaya, and Zari to disable the evil timeship and breach out as the Waverider blows that ship up; and of course, lots of Nazis getting beat down. Barry fights Thawne and instead of killing him, lets him run away in defeat. Kara sends the Evil Kara into space before she goes all supernova. And Ollie puts his doppleganger down with an arrow. Also, the rest of the Nazi group is defeated, so, that threat is done with!

The Ray gets to go back to Earth-X with the great news, but Cold decides to stick around for a bit, if at most, pay his respects like everyone else at Stein’s funeral. After the funeral, everyone starts leaving on their prospective places: Sara and the Legends back to the Waverider, and the Danvers sisters back to their dimension. As for Barry and Iris, Ollie and Felicity express how bad that wedding got and hope they’ll try to have another ceremony soon. But the couple think they just want to elope, and as they talk, Ollie realizes he has someone ordained in his Team back in Star City that can help. Cue Diggle being snatched up for a cross country trip by Barry (and subsequently, Diggle puking as a result), and we got a wedding in the park! Well, actually TWO weddings, because Felicity accepts Ollie’s proposal before the other bride and groom can finish their ceremony (which, c’mon, wait your turn, guys!). So we end on two new marriages being started and that, they say, is that!

No no, just go ahead and get married in a public park where passserbys can hear the Green Arrow and The Flash are getting hitched. No one should hear that.

–I thought it was actually a nice note that Ollie teases the idea of helping save Evil Kara’s life if Evil Ollie gives up. Of course Ollie kills his doppleganger in the end, anyway.

–Who knows when we’ll ever have another scene with Mick and Cold, so this one was interesting, as Cold reveals his Mick Rory died saving cops. Not sure if that helps our Mick’s sobriety much.

–Zari finally gets an outfit for the big battle, and, it’s kind of like Sara’s outfit. I approve.

–You want to know where I really broke during that Stein death? When we see that photo of him and Ray in the Old West. (editors note: for me, it was the camera cut to full view and Jax sobbing- totally ugly cried at that)

–Cold hugging Barry after that big fight. That’s just something you don’t see every day.

–Somehow we managed to get a nod to Superman II with Kara telling her evil counterpart to “step outside”.

–“Your secret identity is your name with the word “the” in front of it?”

–“You’re a gangbanger.” “I think you mean ‘doppleganger’.”

–“Ollie got the girl, I got the life of adventure on a time traveling spaceship.”

–“I can always count on you, Pretty. Did you bring beers?”

–“Haven’t you heard of ‘due process’? ‘Rule of Law’?” “No.”

–“You hit that?” “Shut up.”

–“Thank you, Jefferson, for the adventure of a lifetime.” No, thank YOU, Doctor.

Everybody together for the yearbook photo. Say, “Class of 2017 Rules!”

NEXT TIME: We return to our previous programming in time for midseason finales, as Supergirl discovers a Reign of terror, the Flash is kidnapped by the Thinker, and the Legends fight Vikings!

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