DC TV Recap Round-up Premiere!

23 Jan

Stewart here…

As I do recaps of Arrow here (and still will be despite this recap round-up), I also find myself lacking little to no time to cover some of the other DC related shows on TV right now.  Instead of trying to cover each individually and in depth, leading to delays (you know, like those missing posts on Legends of Tomorrow I have failed to turn in…), I thought it might be a easy and inventive solution to try some quick weekly recaps of shows like Legends, as well as some other shows I don’t cover for NerdLush, like The Flash and Supergirl.  I might do some other DC shows in the downtime, but for now, lets stick to The CW’s crop.  First up:

“I really got to warn people about sneaking up on me like that. SORRY!”

ARROW I already discussed in the last recap what happened there, but here’s a quick reminder.  Oliver Queen and company are being tormented by a madman called Prometheus, who we learned has some connection to Oliver’s time as The Hood where he killed criminals.  Maybe the son of one of Ollie’s kills, maybe a red herring for a bigger villain, who knows, but he’s already turned Team Arrow recruit Artemis to his side, and almost killed Curtis.  Add to that, Prometheus also set Ollie’s up to unknowingly kill Felicity’s new cop boyfriend.  Oh and, IS LAUREL LANCE BACK FROM THE DEAD?  Maybe not, but we’ll see when the show returns.

One of those days when you gotta face a Transformer.

THE FLASH Barry and the gang finally discover evil speed god Savitar’s little buddy, Alchemy, is no other than Barry’s rival/tenuous friend Julian!  And Savitar himself is proving to be a tough villain, even after Barry recruits Earth-2’s Flash, Jay Garrick, to help. Well our heroes figure out Savitar is being brought through by some mystical device that controls Julian without his knowledge, so the Flashes throw that thing into the Speed Force to be lost forever.  But, Barry ends up getting a glimpse into the near future, which has Savitar murder Iris in front of him!

Sure, that might be a possible future as Jay later explains, but who wants to bet Barry won’t find a way to accidentally make that possible future the future?  Add to that the creepy prediction of a betrayal, a death, and other horror from Savitar, you got a lot of stuff to mull over when the show comes back this week.

Pretty sure the ricochets from all those bullets can’t be good for that timeship.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Our team of time traveling super heroes has been through a bit this season, while fighting a coalition of baddies that include Eobard Thawne/ The Reverse-Flash, Damien Darhk, and Malcolm Merlyn.  And now we have a reason for this super baddie team-up: the recovery of the Spear of Longinus, which is in truth a device that can alter time to its possessors will.  The one person who could find the Spear is former Time Master Rip Hunter, but wait, hasn’t he vanished after the events of the season premiere?  Well we learn Rip is very much alive…as an American speaking B-movie director in the 1970’s?

Also, Rory is having flashes of his dead partner, Captain Cold himself, Leonard Snart.  And Dr. Stein has a daughter that he didn’t have when he started all this time travel stuff.  So we got plenty to jump into for the rest of the season.

Don’t you hate it when a time rift pops up in the middle of your dinner table and ruins your Thanksgiving?

SUPERGIRL So since this show migrated from CBS, its been on a pretty good streak for its sophomore season.  Cadmus launched an attack on the alien populace with a deadly virus, and almost dropped a virus bomb on the city.  And somehow, the bomb was stopped by…Lex Luthor’s adopted sister?  Not that the threat of citywide alien death was everything that happened to Kara and her extended family this season.  J’onn almost ended up being permanently a White Martian, and Alex finally got her crush in Maggie Sawyer.

Since we left Kara last time getting recruited by Barry Allen to go to his Earth for that big DC crossover a while ago, she has made her way back to her Earth.  Which is great, because she still has trouble coming her way, like the aliens heading to Earth looking for the stranded Mon-El.

J’onn has really gotta lay off the HGH and White Martian blood. Yikes.

So, next time, I’ll be talking about the season premieres of all these shows, in likely a bit more detail (Arrow a bit less because, well, you got a WHOLE recap of that).  Think my regular Arrow recaps, in a condensed and snarkier form.  Until then, you got any ideas for future installments?  Any thoughts on your favorite DC show?  Comment below, and lets chat on it…

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