Bring on Fall TV!

8 Jul

Hiatus is over for some of our favorite tv stars/shows as table reads began yesterday and this week begins the actual filming of the first episodes of the season. And with that, the most recent round of casting announcements happen.


Yesterday, twitter reported the tablereads for Arrow and Criminal Minds and the internet exploded with news that Brandon Routh had been cast as “The Atom” for season 3 of Arrow. Personally, I’m entertained by this- I like Brandon a lot (just not as Superman… but then his Superman film sucked ass, so maybe I’d like him if he’d had a good film…)- and can’t wait to see Brandon in scenes with Stephen Amell. I anticipate much entertainment.

But now comes the curse of social media… spoilers. I have ranted a few times about my hatred of them. TV has become one of the worst instigators of this… As new episodes of shows are coming, networks seem to think fans need to see the opening scene, or the first 5 minutes (or more) prior to the airing of the episode. Or they make four or more trailers for the new episodes. Which essentially show everything that will happen in the episode. So what’s the point in watching?

My question is- how much information prior to the airing of an episode or the start of a season (series) is too much? I’m glad to know Brandon Routh is joining Arrow but I don’t want to know more.


And now that I’ve brought up the spoiler issue, I want to know what shows/series you are looking forward to this fall? I think Stewart needs to recap The Flash, to go with his Arrow posts. Think we can get someone to do Gotham? What other shows should we look at? What shows should be on my watchlist?

What do you think?

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