Batman Day – 75th Anniversary

6 Jul


Did you know Batman is almost 75 years old?
Did you know there’s a whole day dedicated to him?
Did you know DC are releasing a special comic just for this day?
Did you know there’s a raffle with HUGE prizes to be won, all to raise money for a Children’s Hospital?
Did you know the day all this happens in 23rd July?

Well you do now.

That’s right folks, our favourite caped crusader hits the three-quarter of a century mark this month and boy oh boy hasn’t it been something? There’s been a lot of incarnations of the Batman over the 75 years from the downright campy all the way to Nolan’s trilogy and everything in between.

And by everything in between I mean the Holy Musical B@tman:

Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo’s epic New 52 Batman comic:


And the games from Rocksteady that took the world by storm:

Earlier I mentioned a raffle. A friend of mine (@batsdontkill) and Lady Batman have organised a Charity Gala at Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham, UK. Just a side note, Nosties were the first ever comic book shop in England. This Gala is to raise money for Birminghams Children’s Hospital and they have some truly incredible prizes including signed comics and films from the likes of Scott Snyder, Gregg Gapullo, Gail Simone and NerdLush friend Yuri Lowenthal. There’s also special limited edition artwork from Alex Ross which will blow your mind, no seriously, look…

Alex Ross - Batman

If you’re not in the UK you need not worry, you can still enter the raffle, you just need to pay for postage should you win. You can check out all the details at the dedicated JustGiving page here.

Another thing happening is I’ve launched the Donation Drive for All The Nomz, the charity cookbook I created and our fearless leader Elizabeth gave us a recipe for. The Donation Drive is simple, people bring or buy comics, books, board games or toys and drop them (lovingly) into a box in the store, at the end of the drive the donations are catalogued and then delivered to the chosen children’s hospital. If it goes well and why shouldn’t it, then we’ll look at launching this globally. *Does the Bat-Dance*

That’s a lot happening this month and I’m sure it would impress Bruce Wayne and even make him a little jealous for putting on such a great event, especially as there will be no burning of mansions or a bunch of psychopaths shooting up the place (we hope).

This has all been inspired by Batman and it’s pretty amazing how much work Laura and Joe have done in putting this all together and it shows just how much good there is in the world and the positive impact comics have on us.

On that note, why not let us know in the comments what your favourite Batman moment has been over the past 75 years and what from comics, books, anime, film or TV has inspired you.

What do you think?

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