What is your must read COMIC?

29 May

The boys of NerdLush are the ones to usually talk about comics around here, but I have my own little collection, too. And it got me wondering- what books do you pick up every week? And what web comics do you follow?

KATY KEENE MEMORIAL DAYI can remember reading my brothers Dazzler books when I was little. Then I had a subscription to Katy Keene and Wonder Woman. Covered all the chick basics. I read the Robotech comics in junior high/high school. And I’d read my brothers various superhero books when I could. But I basically stopped collecting when Sierra Comics closed shop in the 90’s.

Until the Buffy books. I’m a wee bit behind- I seem to do better with the collections then the solo issues- but I am still collecting those. And I have a decent collection of origin story books. I think I have a weird love for those.

The_New_52I know my brother walked away at the start of the “New 52”, so I am not up to date with those stories as he is my biggest resource.

My webcomics is pitiful, though. I love HiJinks Ensue ans XKCD, but I really don’t keep up with anything else. Should I? Which do you read and recommend?

What do you think?

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