What was your must see TV?

25 May

The problem with hiatus TV is that it sucks. There’s a lot of reality TV and reruns. Nothing entertaining really. At least to me. So I’ll be using the suggestions from a previous post as entertainment til something new starts. 

But it made me wonder (also talking about future post topics with my mother…)- what was the first TV show you had to watch?

The first thing I remember being a fan of- that wasn’t something my mom was watching (like M.A.S.H.– that was her show, I just watched with her)- was probably the V miniseries. Jane Badler’s  “Diana” was my first hero.

Misfits of Science was on the list, too. SeaQuest DSV and Lois & Clark were probably my go to, must-see shows of the early 90’s. Which of course led to my love of Buffy, and the rest is history.

To be honest, I still watch all of these shows when I have some free time (or since I know them so well, when I need some noise while working on something…).

So- what was your first must-see TV??

What do you think?

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