Faster, faster, must go faster! Or err… something like that.

7 Feb

Fair warning- this is rambly. Even for me.

So, remember how I recently wrote about my plague and the end result was viewing the new Primeval: New World? And how in doing so I also ended up watching the original UK version, Primeval? Well… I did. I felt I needed an understanding of the concept in order to understand the new show. Actually, I don’t think you need to know more than the gist I wrote about in the other piece but since watching a few eps turned into marathoning all 5 seasons (36 episodes), I think it deserves a little love too.


First of all- this show grows tremendously during the course of its run. And also, how is it that even though there were only 36 total episodes over 5 seasons, I still was as invested in it and the characters/stories still grew as much, if not more than most of the shows I watch today? I’m going to point out that it’s smart writers, telling smart stories. We see this in the US on some shows that get a shorter run (for instance… Leverage). I think the 22 episode season stretches some shows out too much. Mind you, I enjoy having more episodes and less wait time between, but I also want to be mentally stimulated with my entertainment. primeval s1 Now back to the growth… in the first episodes it really seems like characters AB&C are going to be the focus of the series… and for that season you’d be right. But then they eff up the timeline and suddenly AB&C  are still central but you really see some growth in D&E. Things happen and once again stuff gets messed up- suddenly A&B are gone, F moves into their place, C becomes secondary, and D&E steal the show. But they never really move up in the chain… D&E become, over time, the central core- the heart, if you’ll permit me- of the series. But the way the show is designed, they are not pushed out to be the central characters. It’s like how Buffy the Vampire Slayer wouldn’t have worked without Xander and Willow.


Abby and Connor. How adorable are they?

Confused? Well, that’s fine. It’s not important. I just thought it was interesting that the creators/whoever had clearly originally planned on a certain group being the show and they were wrong.  In fact, they were wrong from moment one as the D&E characters (alright, I’ll admit it- it’s Abby and Connor) stole every scene from the moment they first show up. Not only were both more than they appeared but both were snarky, adorable, and way more fun to watch than the original two male leads- Cutter and Stephan. I mean, I liked Stephan and Cutter… but I could never get invested in them.

I haven’t said a thing about the show yet, have I? Sorry. I just really liked how it became the Abby and Connor series. Oh, and Becker.

Becker. mmmmmmBecker. I have no shame. Shut up, we already knew this.

Becker. mmmmmmBecker. I have no shame. Shut up, we already knew this.

Really liked Becker. Even though there was nothing really special about him/his character besides him being the muscle behind Abby & Connor- and he’s pretty. (Oh, and if there isn’t fanfic somewhere that has Becker and Jess getting together than the internet has failed me.) I like everyone else, but if Abby and Connor had left the series or become less important… then, honestly, I would’ve stopped watching. Regardless of my plague induced marathon needs.

OK… in my previous post I gave the gist of the show- there are anomalies in time that open and sometimes creatures (or people) from those times come through into present day England. (Probably around the world, too- as seen in the series finale and the creation of the spin-off set in Canada) A few highly intelligent people start to notice this problem and set off to deal with the creatures and thus, secretly, save the UK/world. Well, come the timeline change and suddenly it’s not just people getting texts at home that there’s been an incident but there’s a government funded lab (The ARC- Anomaly Research Center) for them to work in. And Connor’s brilliance figures out how to track the anomalies (at least how to detect them), so the team is no longer waiting to get a report of some creature but can head out as soon as the anomaly is detected. primeval-season-3 Hey, this is progress. And science is happening because slowly thought is going into the how and why of anomalies.

OK, drama drama drama happens and we have a team change up. I’m skipping over trying to explain Helen, but just know that she’s the villain of this tale (through the whole thing, strangely). New team, same goals, same Connor and Abby- though finally getting some headway in their relationship- hey, I admit it, I root for the adorable nerd. Skip ahead to the season 3 finale/season 4 opener and our intrepid heroes are trapped in the past with no hope of getting home. For a year. Romance romance romance- or at least I hope there’s some romance! Dear lord, there’s no humans around for quite some time, could be a really lonely time. Bam! They make it home. But things have changed in the year they were gone. The government operation has a private sector partner (the always fantastic Alexander Siddig- Dr. Bashir on DS9). And therein lies the longterm badness that lasts throughout the rest of the series. Here ends my tale- I’m only giving you a taste, people. If you want to know more, go watch the show!


Something else I enjoyed greatly about the series- besides the Connor & Abby show, and the high quality storytelling- is that the quality of creatures and effects improved throughout. primeval-12-03 I’m not sure if they got more money (which would explain the change if it were a US show) or just that over the period they made the show the available technology changed and it became easier to create believable creatures. I liked the creatures in the the last 3 seasons more than the first two… Not to say I didn’t like those earlier creatures but… they felt better in the end. Also, the later seasons were less about the creature of the week and more about the underlying story arc. That was good.

OK… I’ve written a bit now and hopefully intrigued you. I quite enjoyed the show (minus my one gripe with the end scene of the series) and think that it’s worth a go. I recommend the marathon style of viewing- you get through the few slow arcs faster and the relationships/characters grow much quicker than if you take it slow. And now I’m off to see what other projects a couple of the cast have done. Is it bad that I kinda hope there’s a SyFy channel movie amongst their credits? I frickin’ love SyFy channel movies!

Oh, I completely forgot to share my love for Rex. And how creepy the predators (see photo above) are. But… watch the show. You’ll understand. Though here’s a gripe- too many bug episodes. Seriously. WTF is with the bugs? I hate bugs. (Though the s5 one did almost give me Becker/Jess progress. Sort of.) (Argh.)

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