FRINGE Final Season Recap: “The Human Kind”

8 Dec


Welcome back to another recap of FRINGE!  Time to run the futures of the article…

It’s been a long hiatus since we last checked on Team Fringe and their fight to stop the Observers, and where did we last leave them?  Walter is worried he’s becoming his old obsessive self again, Olivia is still mourning Etta’s death, and Peter is doing that too in his own way, by putting Observer tech into his brain and trying to kill Windmark, the Observer who killed Etta.  How did it all go there this week?  Well, read on…

5:42.  YOU ARE HERE.  Well, Peter has been getting all aware of predicting the paths of Observers, which Windmark discovers when he heads to Etta’s apartment where Peter has been laying out the paths of his target.  But, Peter’s not there, but leaves a note pretty much saying he expected him there at that exact minute.  Of course, the whole predicting time thing works both ways, and with Peter making the moves he does here and in the last episode with the bombing, Windmark gets Peter to show up where he needs to show up.  Peter fights Windmark, and barely escapes being knifed, which leads him to rethink his strategy.  But before we see that…

The Magnet and The Oracle.  Olivia takes her knowledge of Peter’snew Observer powers and gets another one of the spinal thingies from Anil.  After letting Walter and Astrid in on what is going on, she gives Walter the spinal tech to examine to save Peter.  But, thanks to the tape, she has more important things to do thanks to the discovery of Walter’s newest tape: to collect an industrial-size magnet from upstate.  There she runs into the owner of the garage, a woman who has been expecting someone to collect it for the past fifteen years.  As in, her mother knew someone was coming, and somehow, psychically, she knew someone was coming.  The woman can often see flashes of someone’s fate, which she considers somewhat of a blessing.  Olivia considers her an anomaly, like she is, more because of all the weirdness she’s seen more than anything else.  But the woman suggests as Olivia drives off that she believes in the impossible.  Turns out later on, we see she may have a point.

A Patch-Up.   Peter returns to the lab to get patched up from his battle with Windmark, where Walter gives him some bad news.  Thanks to experimenting with another brain, he discovered the tech is shutting down his emotional systems to make way for higher brain functions to be expanded, and if its not removed soon, the change will be permanent.  Peter is still focused on getting Windmark onto a path to where he can kill him without him knowing, so Walter’s pleas go unanswered.          

A Slight Detour.  Olivia might be able to reason with him if she can get back, but is captured by thieves on the road who realize she has a huge bounty on her head.  She wakes up at their place and immediately pulls a MacGyver using a makeshift compressed gun and Etta’s bullet to put through one of the thieves’ head.  After killing the other one with a regular gun, Olivia hears from Walter about where Peter has gone, and has an idea to reach him.  It requires the now crushed Etta bullet though.

Remembering Who You Are.  Olivia finds Peter on a rooftop, waiting for Windmark to appear at a certain place at a certain time to confirm his plan will work.  She tries to convince him to get the tech removed before its too late, and he reminds her of what they lost by showing the memory Etta had before Windmark killed her, which Windmark put in Peter’s head during their dust-up.  But she surmises that Etta is still with them in their memories, and that her bullet saved Olivia from the thieves earlier that day.  Then she uses his new ability to read memories to remind him how much she loves him, that emotion is what makes them better than the Observers.  And as Windmark passes by just as Peter predicted, he decides to cut the tech from the back of his neck.  And as he crumples into her arms, all he can say is the one thing he probably could never say with the Observer tech in his skull:  “I love you.”

–Fun Walter Facts:  Not really any this week, unless you count him calling Astrid “Asner”.  Oh, and he has the Porcupine Man brain from season one ready to experiment on in case you need to test brain-altering technology.

–Very Matrix Reloaded-y that fight with Windmark and Peter turned out to be.

–The Etta “RESIST” posters get torn down this episode.  A sign, perhaps?

–Just realized that’s singer Jill Scott as the psychic garage owner.  Huh.

–Oh, come on, I couldn’t have been the only one wondering how unbelievably painful that was for Peter to pull that from the base of his neck.

–Just to clear up the schedule of the last five episodes ever, there’s two more episodes over the next two weeks, then the show comes back on January 11th, and has its final two episodes on the 18th.

Sniff.  Oh sorry, still kinda teary-eyed from that last scene.  So what you do think, FRINGE fans?  Is Peter going to have some side effects from this experiment on himself?  Why does Walter need a industrial-sized magnet?  Any theories on how the last few episodes will turn out?  Comment below…

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