DC Recap Round-Up 2, Week 21: Me, Myself and Evil!

18 May

Welcome back! We’re still on the same menu this time around of recaps of Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, and expect the same going into next time’s Recap Round-Up season finale. However, the Recap Round-Up is preparing to go on a summer run of classic DC TV, so stay tuned for more info on that on this site (or on our Facebook page). But before that, let’s get to this installment of recaps…

“Red Dawn”

Well, we got a lot to get through, such as Kara escaping custody and finally meeting her brainwashed by Lex doppelgänger, and well…everything else after that. Let’s start with Lena getting her mom out for a little work release program to help get that Harum-El super serum out of James before it kills him, a fact that becomes clear once Lena sees Ben Lockwood is starting to face those increasingly fatal aftereffects. Brainy, Nia, and J’onn try to break into an AmerTek facility to find out where all those missing aliens are being rounded up for. And while there, Brainy accidentally gets rebooted, and goes really dark, deciding to find out where the aliens are going by sending Nia and J’onn (against their wishes, by the way) through the portal! It gets worse for everyone from there.

During all of this, Alex is starting to remember the stuff J’onn wiped from her memory earlier this season, which complicates things as Kara wants to face the Red Daughter alone. Things look bleak when Kara seems to have been killed by the Red Daughter in a brutal fight just as Alex remembers everything, but luckily some light from plants saves Kara. I’m not kidding. As to what the Red Daughter, we learn Lex’s plan is to stage a Kaznia invasion of the U.S., only to foil it himself so he can grab the glory of being a hero, which sounds about as psychotic as a Luthor scheme could. And his coup de grace is killing the Red Daughter as proof Supergirl was leading the invasion!

Sooooooooo, the season finale has a lot to clear up, huh?

“You don’t scare me, fake me! The last evil version of me tried to carve my heart out! Shoot me dead? Please!”

–Is the Red Daughter actually dead? Because of how sudden it’s revealed, I’m not sure.

–Sam Witwer really had some fun stuff to do this episode, like Ben realizing he’s been duped by Lex all this time, ripping Otis’ kryptonite heart out, and of course, playing Ben as if he was being impersonated by Brainy.

–I hope this isn’t setting up Brainy to be the big bad guy of next season, but on the other hand, I’m not sure he’s going to be forgiven easily for what he does Nia and J’onn if he gets rebooted back to normal next episode. I mean, he was about to tell Nia he loves her! Drats!

–Not sure giving James more Harum-El to stabilize him is a great plan, but they got the antidote now, so maybe things will work out?

–Not sure how we got to someone screaming to “take the grass” as a dramatic beat, but here we are.

–Mother Luthor’s reaction to Lena giving her an antidote for a poison Lena put in her food: “You really didn’t poison me.” Lena: “You should drink it.”

–“Couldn’t you have just waterboarded me like a normal person?”

–“Why does everyone think getting captured is a great plan?”

“The Girl With The Red Lightning”

Team Flash still has that future Grace/Lady Cicada problem to deal with this season, only made worse when learning her plan is to unleash a virus that would kill metahumans all over the world! Of course, they don’t know that part until later, and under the impression that virus can only affect the city, they decide to offer the metahuman cure to any metahuman who wants it. Meanwhile, the Team discovers Nora still kind of has that mental link to Grace (present and future accounted for), and may be able to help track down Lady Cicada. Nora has to really endanger herself to find Lady Cicada and where she is planning to set off this virus, but they don’t have to go far: it’s at the police station where the metahuman cure is being given out!

Our Team arrives to stop Lady Cicada, disarm the device that will unleash the virus, and hopefully use that new mirror gun they got to destroy her dagger. They get the first two things done and just before they do the third thing of destroying the dagger, Ralph comes to a horrifying realization about Lady Cicada and something he didn’t put together during his brief trip to future seeing imprisoned Eobard Thawne. You see, that dagger is being used to dampen his powers, and if the Team destroys it in the present, Thawne will be free in the future! Ralph reaches out to stop them from using the mirror gun, and…we’ll see in the season finale how that goes.

“Eobard Thawne, come on down, you are our next contestant on The Price Is Death!”


–It’s not really reassuring to hear that Grace’s future has a serious problem with metahumans, but I would also add, she is nuts. I mean, she’s got a ghost version of her Uncle Orlin talking to her now.

–Joe has some concerns of taking charge at the police station, which is I’m sure setup for something big for papa West in the season finale.

–Cisco has to use his brains, not his powers to disarm that device, which can’t help but feel as setup for the season finale there too. I mean, it’s obvious where this is going, right?

–Sherloque’s new GF Irene (last name of Adler, if you want the nail rammed further into your forehead) is taken to Sherloque’s Earth when she refuses to take the cure. But Sherloque still has business with the Team to finish up.

–“Even Thawne’s plans have plans.”

–“…What’s life if you don’t pull your down your shorts and slide on the ice every once in a while?”

–“Yeah, he knows him.”


Lots of ground to cover here, so bear with me: while Mona, Nora, and Ava hang around the Time Bureau facing their own crisis (something regarding the evil tempted Gary and his hellbound nipple), the rest of the Legends hunt Neron possessed Ray, who still has Constantine as a prisoner. Neron/Ray tricks our heroes into bringing an avalanche over the Waverider, leaving them stuck under tons of ice, which they can only escape by remembering they’re a team…and also leaving all the ship’s systems on to melt the ice around them. While the Legends deal with their unexpected team building exercise, everyone else is having a craptacular time.

Gary is hypnotizing the Time Bureau and our ladies there with his nipple (it’s even scarier than that sentence suggests), and Mona in wolf form has to bite it off. BITE IT OFF. Neron/Ray takes Constantine to see Constantine’s ancestor in medieval times to get the ability to open a portal to Hell to help someone escape, and that is…Tabitha, the evil fairy godmother from this season! Constantine takes this opportunity to go into the portal to Hell to bring Ray’s soul back, and Mona gets taken captive by Neron/Ray. Oh, and that dragon egg Nate and Zari are tending to is okay. So, some good has come out of this.

You know, I was gonna show you what freaked her out, but I can’t. That’s a step too far for this column.


–I did mention wolf Mona chomped Gary’s Hell nipple off, right? It’s just hard to forget something like that…that blinks…like that…

–Did anyone guess Neron’s big plan involved the evil fairy godmother, because that was quite a surprise. But, this show tends to weave characters from the season back in from its beginning for the end.

–A nice scene between Sara and Mick where you realize how few of the Original Legends are left, just them and Ray, who they aren’t sure they can save from Neron.

–Constantine chops his ancestor’s hand off, which is harsh, but he was planning to send an innocent monster to Hell.

–“Gary Green is all the man we need.”

–“Who is ‘Wolfy’?”


NEXT TIME: This season of recaps comes to an end with season finales galore as Supergirl faces Lex Luthor on Supergirl, Barry and company face Cicada and the threat of their oldest nemesis on The Flash, and a double shot of Legends fun as they confront Neron’s big plan to drag more souls into Hell on Legends of Tomorrow!

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