DC Recap Round-Up 2, Week 20: Superhero Play Dates!

15 May

Welcome back! We got another week of recaps to cover for Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, so without further ado…

“Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?”

Before we get to Kara and Lena’s road trip to Kaznia, let’s focus on last week’s big turn as Ben Lockwood looks for the alien that murdered his wife, and how that takes a destructive turn. His son was having issues with this whole anti-alien thing, but with his dad blowing off his mom’s funeral and what happens later, George wants nothing to do with dear old dad. And Ben, in his more deranged state, takes a shot of that Harum-El super serum and tries to straight up kill Dreamer, Brainy, and James when they try to protect aliens who have been illegally detained. Thankfully, J’onn returns to stop Ben, and…it’s a bit open to what happens afterwards.

So let’s focus on Lena and Kara, as they arrive in Kaznia to find out about Lex’s big plans, mainly an invasion of the U.S. with superpowered Kaznians and learning about the Red Daughter (finally!). After facing Ms. Teschmacher, and a bunch of duplicates of her (a little more on that in the notes), the duo leaves with a lot of information they need to expose Lex’s plans and clear Supergirl’s name. Kara heads to the White House to deliver to President Baker the information, and if the little piece of kryptonite in his office wasn’t a dead enough giveaway, the President has her taken prisoner to cover up the truth! Told you that President was super shady!

Not sure even 4 Teschmachers are enough for Lex Luthor’s ego.

–Once again, Kara is in a position to reveal her identity to Lena, but after hearing Lena’s reaction to the betrayal of Miss Teschmacher, she relents for now, but plans to let Lena know when Lex is dealt with. Well, good luck with that plan working out.

–Also, not sure Kara had to go to the extra trouble of burning that room with all the photos of her with her family and friends, especially since the facility was about to explode. But hey, better safe than sorry.

–Alex got to hang out with Kelly Olsen as she waited to adopt a kid (you remember THAT plotline?) that ultimately didn’t work out, but it was really a reason to build up their relationship.

–So are the majority of everyone, with maybe the exception of Alex because of her little side trip, now probably fugitives? Is Lockwood still running the DEO after this debacle? We got questions but no answers!

–“So…hammer time?”

–“It would just be faster if I flew on my own. Commercial!”

“Gone Rogue”

Team Flash is looking for Nora, who has come back to their time via that negative speed force Thawne showed her, hoping she hasn’t gone evil from that experience. That she then recruits a group including the Weather Witch, Ragdoll, and the “bee lady” (even Cisco is surprised by that callback to Flash villains past) to commit a series of thefts doesn’t help Barry and Iris from thinking their kid has gone bad. Well, Nora didn’t turn all bad at all, because she needs these villains to help steal a special piece of technology to deal with Cicada’s dagger. Unfortunately, the Flash Museum in 2049 must have glazed over a fact Barry learned that Nora is about to: never trust any variation of the Rogues.

Besides at one point kidnapping Cisco and Sherloque (although Nora meant only Cisco to be kidnapped to retrofit some meta-tech), The Rogues turn on Nora and take hostages to expose the Flash’s secret identity (which, have you not seen how easy it is to do that? Just pretend you need help and he’ll straight up reveal who he is to you!). Nora helps dear old dad and friends take down the nu-Rogues, and collect that tech they need: a mirror gun to wipe Cicada’s dagger out of existence! Speaking of wiping out of existence, we learn Lady Cicada has stolen some failed samples of that metahuman cure our Team has been making, and with it and that device she took last episode, is going to unleash a metahuman plague on the city! Whoops.

Another day, another version of Harrison Wells being tied to Cisco.

–Cisco hasn’t told his girlfriend about being a superhero yet, but he will. As soon as he gets better cell phone reception. Eventually.

–One of the best moments of this whole thing is that interaction between Caitlin and Ralph that you think might turn romantic, but immediately gets deflated because…yeah, they aren’t that into each other. Well, Caitlin more in this case.

–Does the Allen family have matching tactical suits for these things?

–Still, not everyone can get Sherloque’s name right.

–“I’m clearly the Samantha of this group, right?” “Yeah, okay, Miranda.”

–“Does this look like a cover band?”

“Egg Macguffin”

It’s good news/bad news all around this week for the Legends, so let’s start with the good news. Playing matchmaker, Sara sends Nate and Zari on a mission to retrieve a mysterious golden egg recently found by a adventurers club in the early 1900’s. They fight some Nazis, capture the egg, learn it’s a dragon egg, maybe hook up, easy peasy. Mick enlists Charlie to pretend to be his lady romance novel writing alter-ego to collect a big payday at a romance novel convention, and has to reveal who he really is, to applause. Ready for the bad news now?

Ray learns his body is being slowly taken over by Neron, and Neron would like some innocent blood! To save Nate from being killed by his out of control body, Ray willingly agrees to be Neron’s vessel to save his friend’s life, and gains a new ally in…Gary? Gary is tempted by power (and the promise of his nipple back), and joins Ray as they take a captive Constantine away with them! Even worse, the Legends don’t know what has happened with Gary, and now have to face one of their own to save him from Neron. Told you this was bad news.

He’s like a lot of romance writers, in that he torched his dad and became an Time assassin.

–The nipple, people. That severed moving nipple. Shudder.

–While all this is going on, Sara and Ava have a book club meeting minus the unconscious Nora and Mona. Turns out Ava uses it to get some mini-naps. Makes sense.

–Oh hey, it looks like Nora Darhk will be working for the Time Bureau now. Hope there’s a Time Bureau left after that traitorous Gary comes back.

–Of course as part of the mission Zari would be given the dress Marion wore in Raiders of the Lost Ark. No, none of that Indiana Jones and the… crap added on here.

–Gary’s inner singer is a lady. Hopefully she doesn’t have a nipple that got banished to Hell too.

–“The book from book club!”

–“Boom boom.”

NEXT TIME: Kara faces the Red Daughter on Supergirl, Barry and company try to prevent future Cicada from unleashing a metahuman plague on The Flash, and the Legends must stop their Neron possessed comrade on Legends of Tomorrow!

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