DC Recap Round-Up 2, Week 22: Season Finales Galore!

23 May

Welcome back! We’ve come to the end of another season of the Recap Round-Up, but we’re going out with the season finales of Supergirl and The Flash, along with the last two episodes of the year for Legends of Tomorrow! Lots of surprises and fun to cover, so let’s get to it…

“The Quest For Peace”

With Lex’s false flag operation a success, what is there left for our heroes to do? Quite a bit, starting with Kara finding using her reporter skills to put out a super damaging expose on Lex’s plot, and then helping James, Alex, and Brainy break J’onn and Nia our of that holding facility for aliens where…Lex is going to turn them into power batteries to rebuild his business, along with a detour to blow up Argo City and Superman? J’onn, Brainy and Nia disable the weapon set to destroy Argo City and save those aliens, while Ben Lockwood has taken the whistle stop to psycho town and tries to kill our heroes outside (and only gets hit up with the cure to that super serum, along with James). Lex loses his marbles that his plan is falling out and tries to destroy Supergirl, only to have the Red Daughter come back (yay she’s not dead) to die saving Kara (ok, now she’s dead)! Kara absorbs the dead Red Daughter and goes all super saiyan on Lex, forcing him to flee to his lair…where Lena is waiting.

Lena straight up shoots Lex dead, but before he dies, he drops the bombshell that all of her super-buddies are hiding the truth about Kara being Supergirl! And she’s…trying to play it off like it doesn’t bother her, but it totally does. So, the crooked President and Lockwood get sent to jail, Alex and Kelly start dating, along with Nia and a back to normal Brainy (for now?), the Alien Amnesty Act is restored, and Lena knows what her friends are putting off telling her. All’s good until next season, right?

Well, not so fast, because that pesky Monitor guy from the Elseworlds crossover shows up to deposit a Martian (!) with a grudge against J’onn (who is his brother!) and maybe resurrect Lex! Oh, and Eve Tessmacher was part of a super creepy group on their way called Leviathan. Ok, not all’s good.

“Oh, ewwwwww, I got Red Daughter all inside my suit!”

–Soooooo, Lena will be fine with all of this, right? I mean, eventually I would hope, but…

–Colonel Haley gets a promotion to Lockwood’s old government job! And Ben’s son becomes a pro-alien advocate! Ben deserved worse.

–The cue of “Kickstart My Heart” for that fight scene made me roll my eyes. On the other hand, “My Way” playing as Lex annihilates his duped Kaznian buddies is perfect.

–James has an eye patch after that fight with Lockwood for some reason. Will that be a thing next season? I don’t know why or how this happened.

–“Well how does that help us?”

–“Didn’t we talk about flinching?”

–“Try not to quote Hitler in public, dear. It’ll ruin the brand.”


As we discovered at the tail end of last episode, longtime nemesis, Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash, wanted Lady Cicada’s dagger to be destroyed because it was being used to dampen his powers in the future where he was going to be executed. Barry is more for stopping the present day threat Lady Cicada represents, but Nora has a plan that maybe can take care of both Cicada and Thawne: convince young comatose Grace to take the metahuman cure, erasing evil adult Grace from existence. When that plan goes sideways, they got no choice but to destroy the dagger, which erases adult Grace and unfortunately helps Thawne escape imprisonment. Good then that Team Flash arrives in the future to deal with their longtime nemesis.

But in one more horrifying surprise, the timeline change is also erasing the Nora the Team knows from existence! Thawne suggest putting her into the negative Speed Force to protect her before he bolts out, but Nora refuses to have that evil force consume her fully, and allows herself to be destroyed! Thawne is free, Nora is gone (or at least this version of her), and our Team starts moving on to other things: Joe gets promoted to Captain, Cisco takes the metahuman cure so he can live a normal life, Sherloque goes back to his universe, and Barry and Iris find one final message from Nora that offers some closure for our married duo. Oh, and that pesky headline about the Flash vanishing because of a “Crisis” that was dated in 2024?

It’s changed to 2019. Probably in December, if I guess right.

That weird family photo you need a few pages to explain.

–Singh knew Barry was the Flash! And Barry didn’t have to reveal who he was to do it! Progress!

–That Ralph thing after he gets hit with the mirror gun is pretty gnarly. He gets better, though.

–Cisco left Caitlin some new Killer Frost suit or something. Also, now what regarding Cisco Ramon? Is he gone for good? Who knows.

–That “see you at the next Crisis” jab from Thawne seems to be coming sooner than later for this show.

–“Can’t we just play him some Gaga to wake him up?”


–“Gentlemen, I hate to inform you, but…you’re all dead.”

–“…no matter what the future brings.”

“Terms of Service”

Neron’s big plan to take over Hell is finally revealed and it’s a doozy: as Ray Palmer, he’ll offer people an app to help report monster sightings, but downloading said app will give him souls (gotta read the fine print before downloading apps, people)! As for Ray Palmer’s soul, Constantine is still in Hell, looking to get it back, and is given a choice: he can take Ray’s soul or the soul of the little girl he lost to Hell, Astra (if you even remember Constantine’s short lived solo TV exploits). He chooses Astra, and unfortunately he chooses wrong, because Astra is now grown up and evil, and now John is off to be tortured by Satan. Well, at least he’s doing better than the Legends are this episode.

Most of them are at the mercy of Gary, who now has that evil fairy godmother Tabitha giving him his wishes to be part of the team (whether the team wants it or not), and them having to convince him he is just to make the torture stop. Nora Darhk actually takes on that whole fairy godmother curse thing to save Mona from Neron’s clutches, which doesn’t work out well because: a) that means she’s under Gary’s control; and b) Gary sends her to Hell to recover Constantine! Meanwhile, the team stages a prison break of all those creatures the Time Bureau has collected, and gets them all onto the Waverider, albeit with Charlie getting caught by Neron. So yeah, we got a lot of work to do in the season finale.

Oh, and Zari accidentally left that about to hatch dragon egg with her younger self, soooo…lot of work to do…

The deadliest creature of them all. All lawns shall fear him!

–Yeah, I’m not all cool with forgiving Gary for the last few episodes of abusing evil magic. Maybe have his other nipple chomped off to teach him a lesson. Although, Ava, you made an employee work overtime without extra pay? Foreshame!

–Neron is a little peeved his EyesApp is trending below Kanye’s new surprise album and a cat getting a bath. Cat videos may save us all!

–Being forced to speed read a bad novel is Hell unto itself.

–“I was going to be a demon proctologist, but the pay wasn’t good!”

–“It’s a demon app, I’m reading the fine print.”

–“I’ll come back and haunt you.” “I would love a ghost friend.”

–“Yeah, forming stupid Beebos.”

–“Gary, you dick!”

“Hey, World!”

Deep breath, because we got so much ground to cover. The Legends manage to recover Charlie as Neron and Tabitha use her to really stoke fear of monsters among the world, which is part of Neron’s plan to use all that fear power to open a portal to Hell where all it’s denizens can escape. In Hell, Nora frees Constantine and are forced to work with evil Astra to retrieve the soul of Ray Palmer (in coin form!). As for the Legends, they come up with a plan using all those creatures they’ve saved and some artifacts they’ve collected over the season to…open the theme park Nate’s dad was developing? That still doesn’t solve how to get Neron out of Ray’s body (and the only solution to break that agreement between demon and host is to kill Nate!), and that said “male theme park to combat fear” plan may change the future so radically that Zari may not exist as she is now.

Heyworld gets opened, and the Team puts on a show, only to be interrupted by Neron, Tabitha, and a stolen dragon from young Zari (yeah, they stole Zari’s dragon!). But they unexpectedly get the drop on Neron when Tabitha gets devoured by said dragon, and in a Constantine helped fakeout, Neron unknowingly kills Nate, freeing Ray, and sending Neron back to Hell. It looks like things are over for Nate, until–no joke–they Tinkerbell him back to life with a big singalong to a James Taylor song! But sadly, Zari vanishes because of this big timeline change, only to be replaced by her now NOT dead brother and no one is aware of what has happened. And oh, Astra decides to cause some trouble for the world by unleashing the souls of some truly evil people (Charles Manson, anyone?).

And the Monitor showed up. And had popcorn. I assume he had a good time watching the Heyworld monsters and heroes show.

Also starring Heroes Not Appearing In This Episode.

–Look, did anyone expect that Vandal Savage cameo at all? I mean, who knew all he needed to cure his world dominating habits was some chat time with Ray and games of Jenga?

–Sara, Nate, and Gary dressed as Supergirl, Green Arrow, and The Flash. Well, you got to make do when you don’t help your buddies in a big crossover. Lesson learned for when Crisis on Infinite Earths comes up.

–Nate’s dad pops up one more time to help start the big singalong that powers up that stuff to revive Nate. Sniff. Thanks, Hank.

–Lots of things still open ended after this, like: what does this mean for Nora’s fairy godmother thing? What happens to young Zari’s dragon? What happened to Zari? And why are you letting a murderous puppet Dr. Stein around kids?

–Mick just stealing that magic book from the Time Bureau off screen before even the crew knew they would need it for their plan was convenient, but hey, he’s a thief.

–“It was all about a girl.” “What girl?” “Doesn’t matter.”

–“Didn’t we do this last year?”

–“We should have done the crossover.”

–“I love those groovy guys!” Yes, Vandal, so do we all.

So that’s it for the Recap Round-Up for this season, but if you want more DC TV recap goodness, stick to this website or the Facebook page for some summer programming notes in the coming weeks. Until then, take care and we’ll see you in the Fall.

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