ARROW Season 7×07, “The Slabside Redemption” recap

29 Nov

Welcome back, Arrowheads! Well, Oliver Queen may finally get out of jail, thanks to an FBI deal where he’ll give intel on the newly captured Ricardo Diaz’s operation. And that’s all great news, since Ollie has become aware his new prison buddy, Stanley, probably is guilty of murder, especially now in the walls of Slabside. So, I guess there’s nothing left to do but just quietly wait until it’s time to go home, right? Wrong. So. Very. WRONG.

Final Day. Ricardo Diaz is being brought up to the front of Slabside in a prison van, and before you know it, it’s revealed the driver is one of Diaz’s thugs and kills the receiving guards! Inside, Ollie is hearing from the cell guard that he’ll be processed out by the end of the day. Ol’ Stanley hopes that Ollie might be able to try helping get him out of Slabside too, but Ollie makes clear he deserves to be in prison, and that he’ll get Turner, aka Bronze Tiger, out of solitary. He tells Turner that much, who is still a bit sour towards Ollie for unknowingly helping Stanley in that frame up job. Ollie mentions that he has done good before (remember that whole Suicide Squad episode?), and maybe he deserves the chance to prove he’s a changed man.

As it looks everything’s gravy now, Ollie is told he has a visitor. And who’s waiting in to see him is Diaz! He tells Ollie he hoped he got sent to Slabside, because he wanted one more chance to end Ollie in an agonizing fashion. And of course afterwards, he’ll get out and murder the rest of Ollie’s family. He walks off as Ollie flips out and the guards detain him as he tells them that was their prisoner Ricardo Diaz on the other side of that conversation and they do nothing? The security here sucks.

Ricardo Diaz is clearly a fan of Ang Lee’s HULK. I’ll let you research that joke.

Visiting Hours Are Over. Ollie is put back into his cell, where he is trying to tell them Diaz is running free in Slabside. When it’s obvious the guards aren’t listening (or stupid, hard to say which), Ollie decides its time to check out of his cell early, and it turns out he had a way ready to do just that. He rigs up a small bomb to blow open his cell door and leaves, albeit punching a few guards along the way, causing a lockdown. Also, Stanley wanted Ollie to bust him out too, and I’m sure that Ollie didn’t do that, that won’t be an issue later.

In the prison yard, Ricardo Diaz walks in dressed as a guard, and gets the inmates waiting to join him on his crazy plan to…ruin the prison or whatever, but mainly just hurt Oliver Queen. Speaking of, Ollie is sneaking around the halls of Slabside, and runs into Brick and Sampson, who are all into the Diaz “hurt Oliver Queen” plan. Things look bad for Ollie faxing off against these two, until Turner shows up to fight his former associates (don’t ask how he escaped, because he’s crafty like that). The new duo of Ollie and Turner make their way to one of the locker rooms, trying to phone out for help. Except Diaz thought of that already, and blocked any outgoing calls out, and then kills a guard just to spite Ollie’s plan. And then Diaz unlocks all the cells, and things get worse.

Brawl In Level One. They got to go through Level One, and while there, Ollie convinces Turner to help him save the guards being hurt by the inmates. One of the guards tells our new heroic duo that Diaz is rounding up the captured guards in the galley, and he’s got thirty inmates guarding them. Ollie sends Turner to take some of the guards to safety while he checks out a supply room for some useful stuff.

In there, Stanley shows up and gives him a sedative, which leaves Ollie waking up tied up to a confused Stanley. We learn Stanley is probably guilty of all that murder stuff he got convicted up, but that he’s also nuts. Ollie has heard enough, so he breaks loose and knocks Stanley out. Ollie returns to where Turner and him planned to meet, and brings a few soda cans. “How is that going to defeat thirty inmates?”, Turner asks. Let’s find out.

DY-NO-MITE! DY-NO-MITE! Sorry, couldn’t resist that.

Hell’s Kitchen. In the galley, Diaz rigs up some kind of explosive to the electrical grid, just as Ollie shows up. He’s willing to trade himself to let the guards go, but Diaz is just trained on hurting Ollie. Good thing Ollie put together a weapon in putting that soda can into a sock and using it as a flail (well, one without spikes, anyway) against him and the inmates! Ollie gets to the control room using Brick as a lift, while Turner fights Sampson. Then Diaz uses his kind of new super strength to cause a power surge (see the first photo in this recap) and that device is triggered, setting off an electrical fire around the jail. Sampson gets torched to death in the mess (R.I.P.), and Turner is tasked with getting the guards to safety, while Ollie plans to go after Diaz.

One Man Enters, One Man Leaves. Ollie searches the burning Level One and runs into Diaz, who is a bit more of a challenge with his super strength than expected. Ollie gets pummeled, and then Diaz lets him know about Felicity’s attempt to kill him, just to really stick the knife in. Speaking of sticking in knives, Ollie puts one into Diaz’s chest, and while it doesn’t seem to kill him, it leaves him unable to move as Ollie locks him in one of the cells. As all this is happening, Brick is making his way to the morgue to use that escape route we discovered back when Ollie was in Level Two, but he doesn’t get far because Stanley stabs him to death (R.I.P. Brick) and takes the way out. Stanley also may be upset with Ollie, so let’s see where that goes.

A bit later as things have calmed down, Turner returns to his cell and finds Ollie’s copy of The Count of Monte Cristo waiting, as well as a thank you from the guards for saving them. As for Ollie, he walks out of Slabside, with Felicity and Diggle waiting for him. So I guess that’s it for the season NAH just kidding we still got a few more episodes this year to go!

Also, Team Arrow was probably busy doing stuff I don’t care about. Maybe. Who knows?

Really? Just let him walk out with cuts and bruises? I would have sternly requested an ambulance out of there!

–Comic book connections: While it seems Stanley is not some recognizable baddie from the comics, there is a Stanley that has run into the Green Arrow, who was bonded to a demon monster from Hell. I doubt we’ll be dealing with that this season.

–Props to the stunt team (and director/stunt coordinator James Bamford) for all the kick ass fight sequences in this episode. Great usage of that Level One multi-tier set before we probably never see it again.

–I can’t help but think Ollie letting Diaz live was a bad idea. I mean, if they kill Diaz later, it has a high standard to cross after this episode’s big climatic fight.

–Did Ollie just collect all that stuff he needed to escape his cell over the last few months or did he smuggle that stuff in?

–Diggle just vanished in that final shot, huh? Look, post production and turnaround can’t catch everything.

–“Taking out prison guards doesn’t seem like a Green Arrow thing to do.”

–“You really think you can stop Diaz with a can of soda?”

That’s it for now, but come back next week for the recap of “Unmasked”…

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